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ARGIAviation Resource Group International (Parker, CO)
ARGIAutomated Resources Group, Inc. (Montvale, NJ)
ARGIAssociation of Registered Gas Installers (UK)
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Emerald's team of accountants will be immediately integrated into ARGI and will seamlessly continue to serve their existing client base via outsourced controller, CFO and other entrepreneurial accounting services.
Silverscape's speed to market, great reputation and complete understanding of our business-to-business playing field contributed to our decision to choose Silverscape," said Dave Hendricks, senior vice president of Sales and Marketing at ARGI.
A new Louisville headquarters was necessary to accommodate the growth ARGI has experienced.
In 2010, ARGI Investment Services became an independent Registered Investment Adviser (RIA), allowing them to focus on the client's best interests, not trends and commissions.
ARGI maintains offices in Salt Lake City, Miami, Boston, London, Warsaw, Istanbul, Riga, Latvia, New Delhi and Mumbai, India.
With education, commitment and personal service as three of ARGI's core values, Reeves believes the success ARGI has experienced can be attributed to “doing the most good for the most people.
In an advertising environment where many publishers prime online real estate is sold-out, ARGI Focus will provide the publisher with new ad space that will encourage cross-media purchases of print ads and online lead capture.
ARGI is honored to be able to play a key role in strategy+business' future growth.
Ray Butkus, ARGI CEO commented, "We are extremely pleased with DMA's choice of ARGI to design, build and manage its marketing database.
ARGI has been working with corporate executives, business owners, and their families for nearly 20 years across the country.
With ARGI Acuity, publishers need not face such a difficult dilemma.
ARGI Insight Sapphire is designed to increase productivity while reducing cost and response time for database marketers.