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ARGISAdvanced Repair Guidance Information System
ARGISActive Response Geographic Information System (land resource management collaborative software)
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Hermaphrodisme proterandrique chez une crevette de la famille des Crangonides, Argis dentata Rathbun.
In 1888, the year of Ball's and Cullerre's studies, and the year in which Proust was writing his homoerotic letters to Jacques Bizet, Henri d'Argis, a member of Verlaine's circle, published a daring novel, Sodome, (11) in which one sees the ambiguous juxtaposition of, on the one hand, madness/degeneracy theory applied to a gay man, and on the other, a concerted effort, if not to "normalize" homosexuality, then at least to deculpabilize it, a thrust which one encounters a few years later in Proust's story "Avant la nuit".
The text of "Avant la nuit" explains lesbian tendencies as resulting from a nervous deficit for which, as d'Argis had argued, one is not morally responsible: "La cause de cet amour est dans une alteration nerveuse qui rest trap exclusivement pour comporter un contenu moral" (js, 169; my emphasis).
The two US companies have integrated CA's Unicenter infrastructure management software with Intraware's Argis life cycle asset management product suite.
Umidade (U) para compactacao maxima, densidade do solo minima ([rho]min) e maxima ([rho]max), amplitude da densidade do solo ([DELTA]ds) e densidades utilizadas nos quatro niveis de compactacao (Cp1, Cp2, Cp3 e Cp4), para o Argissolo Amarelo Distrocoeso latossolico (PAdx) e do Cambissolo Haplico Tb Distrofico tipico gleico (CXbd) Solo U (kg [rho]min [rho]max [DELTA]ds [m.sup.-3]) (Mg [m.sup.-3]) Argis solo 0,1 87 1,00 1,67 0,67 Cambissolo 0,208 1,00 1,60 0,60 Solo Cp1 Cp2 Cp3 Cp4 (Mg [m.sup.-3]) Argis solo 1,00 1,20 1,40 1,60 Cambissolo 1,00 1,18 1,36 1,54 Tabela 4.
Hermaphroditisme proterandrique chez une crevette de la famille des Cranoidds, Argis dentala Rathbun.
Pythagoras reports that he himself recently saw hanging in Juno's Argive temple the shield that Menelaus stripped from him in his former life as the Trojan warrior Euphorbus (15.163-4): 'cognovi clipeum, laevae gestamina nostrae, /nuper Abanteis templo Iunonis in Argis.' The characterization of Argos as 'Abantean', which evokes the famous arms of Abas, perfectly suits the context.