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ARGISAdvanced Repair Guidance Information System
ARGISActive Response Geographic Information System (land resource management collaborative software)
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ARGIS is just such a tool and I look forward to helping dealers capitalize on this great opportunity.
Dealers using ARGIS are performing a better inspection and doing a superior job of explaining needed repairs to the customer, realizing benefits that average $100 to $125 in additional needed repairs per vehicle inspection, a substantial increase in revenue per RO.
MPi's ARGIS and Arkona's DMS are tightly integrated.
The ARGIS software includes a "one of a kind" service information and diagnostic tool with the exclusive Knowledge Cluster Technology (patent pending), to speed up diagnosis and repair.
In addition, Unicenter Argis Portfolio Asset Management helps reduce costs and increase operational efficiency by managing the entire asset lifecycle -- including license management, vendor management and all phases of financial management -- from planning and requisitioning to retirement and disposal.
Country Chevrolet in Warrenton, VA, winner of the USA Today Dealer Innovation Award for 2006, has been using ARGIS since July 2005.
CA's asset portfolio management tools -- Unicenter Argis Portfolio Asset Management, Unicenter Asset Management, and Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk -- enable organizations to proactively manage their entire IT asset base from cost, contractual, support, and inventory standpoints.
It includes Unicenter Service Accounting, Unicenter Service Meter and Unicenter Argis Portfolio Asset Management.
ARGIS enables service departments to increase efficiencies and profits by streamlining vehicle diagnostics using a customized repair information system.
has certified its FMV Retriever software as interoperable with CA's Unicenter Argis Portfolio Management (Unicenter Argis).
The company was recognized for "very strong" IT asset management discovery, inventory management, and help desk support through its Unicenter Argis Portfolio Asset Management, Unicenter Asset Management, and Unicenter ServicePlus Service Desk solutions.
MPi), a premier supplier of proprietary diagnostic, repair information and service merchandising solutions to the automotive industry, today announced the upcoming June 1st release of ARGIS 3.