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The correlation between the values of argM and the horizontal deviation angles was strong (r = 0.98), but the angles tested by synoptophore were significantly larger than those tested by argM (including both positive and negative values, p = 0.001).
The argM values between the two eyes were compared, and it was found that in the eyes with a larger argM (including positive and negative values), the absolute values of [y.sub.C] were significantly smaller than the values of their fellows (p <0.001); in the eyes with a smaller argM, the absolute values of [y.sub.C] were significantly larger than those of their fellows (p <0.001), and there was a strong negative correlation between the difference of argM and the difference of absolute values of [y.sub.C] (r = -0.94, p < 0.001).
When an eye had a larger argM than its fellow, meaning that the eyeball had a more severe medial tilt; its corneal apex was closer to the nasal side than its fellow.
The Model ARG Rear Guard and complemeeting Model ARGM magazine carrier are reinforced at the top with double leather and steel, ensuring a quick and easy one-hand re-holstering.
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