ARGPArgument of Perigee
ARGPAuto-Renew Grace Period (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
ARGPAdductor Related Groin Pain
ARGPACAT (Acyl CoA (Coenzyme A): Cholesterol Acyltransferase) Related Gene Product
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The ARGP and IRGP are easily identified and stimulated under endoscopic visualization (Figure 2).
Epicardial mapping and testing of ganglionated plexi is performed by high frequency stimulation (with the following parameters: 20Hz, 2 ms, 20 mA, using a programmable cardiac stimulator) in the following sequence: ARGP, IRGP and finally, LSGP.
The authors' analysis of the recently developed variety of Faroese relies on acknowledging the lack of the feature [participant], which consists in the lack of distinction in the segment or marker for 2 psn sg or pl as compared to 3 psn sg or pl, with the result that the language does not project an ArgP on top of vP and no movement of the verb applies--let us recall that the latter should be V-to-Arg movement in the authors' approach.
Similar to these reports, in our study too, RAP remodeling for 2-3 hours led to a significant decrease in ERP and caused an obvious decrease in the ERP gradient from the appendages towards PV, MSL, and ARGP, which serve as GP areas.