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ARGSAppomattox Regional Governor's School (Petersburg, Virginia)
ARGSAlaska Rock Garden Society (North American Rock Garden Society)
ARGSArts Research Graduate School (Monash University; Australia)
ARGSAdvanced RADEC Ground System
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I expect this trend of interpretive ARGs to continue.
Vemos que nos ARGs, o efeito de real não é alcançado apenas com o acréscimo de pormenores à descrição e as ilustrações; tampouco se resume a um trabalho da linguagem audiovisual -- a câmera oscilante, uma aparência de não-profissional obtida a custo de muito profissionalismo; ou a pretensa realidade intensamente editada dos reality shows.
What data do exist and are rapidly improving in quality, however, are on the presence of ARGs within various environmental compartments (Allen et al.
ARGs are produced naturally in microorganisms as part of their evolutionary struggle for survival.
On short notice, we put together the USS Carl Vinson Carrier Strike Group, USS Bataan Amphibious Readiness Group (ARG) and USS Nassau ARG communication plan.
com) and built on an open-source social network supported by innovative viral marketing strategies, the Portal will aggregate and deploy original 3D "console-like" browser games, streaming music & videos, ARGs and proprietary API toolsets that will allow independent developers to connect directly with their user base and monetize their offerings in different ways.
But trimming the number of ARGs could have significant implications for the Marine Corps, given that even the current 12 cannot accommodate 2.
00 per share and began trading on the NASDAQ Global Market on February 7, 2014 under the symbol ARGS.
Likewise, soil and water environments receive inputs of antibiotics and antimicrobials, which can serve to amplify ARGs (Chee-Sanford et al.