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Of good and evil much they argu'd then, Of happiness and final misery, Passion and Apathie, and glory and shame, Vain wisdom all, and false Philosophie: Yet with a pleasing sorcerie could charm Pain for a while or anguish, and excite Fallacious hope, or arm th' obdured brest With stubborn patience as with triple steel.
Either to disinthrone the King of Heav'n We warr, if warr be best, or to regain Our own right lost: him to unthrone we then May hope, when everlasting Fate shall yeild To fickle Chance, and CHAOS judge the strife: The former vain to hope argues as vain The latter: for what place can be for us Within Heav'ns bound, unless Heav'ns Lord supream We overpower?
But, as his own idea of--let us say--courting, seemed to consist precisely in sitting silently for hours in the vicinity of the beloved object, that line of argu ment inspired him with distrust.
On Wednesday, Yellen said a Dece rate hike is a "( live possibility " whileAaAaAeAeAaAeAeA New York Fed President William Dudley argued in favor of one.
The argu ment that the rich would be frightened off by enforcing accountability just smacks of favours for the elite.
Wheeler often argues for a subtle convergence of apparently unrelated discourses, notably Johns on's description of the Scottish Highlanders in 1775, and Edward Long's description of Africans and mulattoes in Jamaica in 1774.
Johnston was a member of the independent Rangers board who argued fiercely against Sir David Murray selling the club to Craig Whyte.
We have not had many ups and downs in 70 years but I think good argu ments have kept us to gether."
y Acco di ll by Sheilas' newlyweds According to a poll l Wheel , 33% f newly d Wheels, 33% of n admitted getting into debt to pay o for their big day and argued g y d 16% argu d % over spiralling costs, while 11% i lli s while 11% s, p g le 1close to r said they were close breaking up o overover w ddi g-related over d y ss.
Cogent and well argu ed reasons for a revision of the Standard Spending Assessment Formula, appears to have fallen on deaf ears, not least the SSA formula for social services.
During the current phase, Faizabad, Shahr-i-Buzurg, Yaftal Sofla, Arghanchkhwa, Baharak, Tishkan, Kishm and Argu districts of the remote northern province of Badakhshan were also handed to the Afghan forces.
They even argu ed that a woman who finds out today that she's pregnant should be included on a waiting list for the next nine months.