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ARHArt History
ARHAppalachian Regional Healthcare, Inc.
ARHAgence Régionale de l'Hospitalisation
ARHArmed Reconnaissance Helicopter
ARHActive Radar Homing
ARHAdolescent Reproductive Health
ARHAppalachian Regional Hospital
ARHAnti-Radiation Homing
ARHAtlantic Richfield Hanford
ARHAgricultural and Rural History (National Agricultural Library)
ARHAutosomal Recessive Hypercholesterolemia
ARHAntwerp-Rotterdam-Hamburg (shipping)
ARHAdams, Rehmann, and Heggan (Hammonton, NJ)
ARHAtmospheric Radiative Heating
ARHAlaska Region Headquarters (NOAA)
ARHAssociation of Residence Halls
ARHAssociation pour le Renouveau de l'Herboristerie (French: Association for the Revival of Herbalism; est. 1982)
ARHArkhangelsk, Russia - Arkhangelsk (Airport Code)
ARHAmericas Region Headquarters
ARHAutorité de Régulation des Hydrocarbures (French: Hydrocarbon Regulatory Authority; Algeria)
ARHAssistance en Ressources Humaines (French: Human Resources Support)
ARHAuto Rétro Halluin (French: Retro Auto Halluin; est. 1999; Halluin, France)
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'The ARH Tiger is an extraordinary machine, that outperforms anything in its class,' says Andrew Mathewson, Airbus Australia Pacific's Managing Director.
"Airbus is committed to ensuring the success of the Australian ARH Tiger fleet, and we have worked closely with the Australian Army and our industry partners to improve the fleet's performance over many years," he said.
[sup.1]H-NMR (DMSO-[d.sub.6]) [delta] (ppm) 9.02 (br.s, [sup.1]H, NH, [D.sub.2]O exchangeable), 7.54-7.09 (m, 9H, ArH), 7.49 (br.s, 2H, N[H.sub.2], [D.sub.2]O exchangeable), and 2.26 (s, 3H, C[H.sub.3]).
Full propensity score matching was used in order to minimise the mean difference of the distance between the treatment (LRH) and the control group (ARH).
To date, ARH has achieved an "impressive" track record with some nine exquisitely designed Souq Waqif Hotels comprising of 183 rooms, nestled in the bustling traditional market in Doha.
[sup.1]H NMR (300 MHz, DMSO-[d.sub.6], [delta], ppm: 1.35 (s, 3H, C[H.sub.3]), 5.26 (s, [sup.1]H, OH), 6.23-6.89 (m, 8H, ArH).
[sup.1]H NMR (300 MHz, DMSO-[d.sub.6]): [delta]6.35-6.37 (m, 3H, ArH), 7.20 (d, 7 = 6.0 Hz, 4H, ArH), 7.56 (t, 7 = 7.2 Hz, 4H, ArH), 7.68 (t, 7 = 7.0 Hz, 2H, ArH), 7.73 (d, J = 7.2 Hz, 4H, ArH), 7.81 (d, J = 8.5 Hz, 4H, ArH), 10.13 (s, 1H, -OH).
Yield 86%, mp 205-207[degrees]C; IR (DRS): 3066(Ar, C-H str.), 2914(C-H str.), 2850(C-H str.), 2533(-SH str.), 1558(Ar, C=C bend.), 1375(C-H ben), 800(C-Cl str.), 1087(C-N str.), 1041(C-O-C str.) [cm.sup.-1]; [sup.1]H NMR (400 MHz, DMSO-[d.sub.6]): [delta] ppm 2.27-2.30(m, 2H, 2CH), 2.82-2.95(m, 2H, 2CH), 4.92-4.95(dd, J = 6.12 Hz, 12 Hz, 1H, CH), 6.50-6.54(m, 1H, ArH), 6.75-6.79(m, 2H, ArH), 741-743(m, 1H, ArH), 7.53-7.55(m, 3H, ArH), 14.0(s, 1H, SH).
Now, according to Theorem 10, the statements ARH ([d'.sub.b],[b.sub.d'],[b.sub.c],[c.sub.b],[c.sub.d'],[d'.sub.c]) ARH([b.sub.c],[b.sub.a],[a.sub.b],[a.sub.c],[c.sub.a] ,[c.sub.b]), ARP([b.sub.c],[b.sub.a], [b.sub.f'], [b.sub.e], [b.sub.d']), ARP([c.sub.b],[c.sub.a],[c.sub.e'],[c.sub.f],[c.sub.d']), ARH([b.sub.d'],[b.sub.e] ,[e.sub.b], [e.sub.d'],[d'.sub.e], [d'.sub.b]), and ARH([c.sub.d'],[c.sub.f],[f.sub.c],[f.sub.d'],[d'.sub.f],[d'.sub.c]) imply ARP([d'.sub.b],[d'.sub.e], [d'.sub.a'],[d'.sub.f],[d'.sub.c]).
IR (KBr): 3418, 1547, 1377, 739 [cm.sup.-1]; [sup.1]H-NMR (CD[Cl.sub.3], 400 MHz) [delta] 2.31 (s, 1H, C[H.sub.3]), 4.86-4.98 (m, 1H, CHC[H.sub.2(a)]), 5.01-5.10 (m, 1H, CHC[H.sub.2(b)]), 5.10-5.20 (m, 1H, CHC[H.sub.2]), 6.98-7.02 (m, 2H, ArH), 7.06-7.25 (m, 5H, ArH), 7.34 (d, J = 8.0 Hz, 1H, ArH), 7.46 (d, / = 8.0 Hz, 1H.
Dio Wang, the CEO of Australasian Resources commented further that: "This is a major achievement for ARH at the right time, especially considering that the comparable Sino Iron Project next door will begin to export product next year."
launches Antimalarial drug 'ARH 1' developed with innovative dose optimization technology, for the first time in the world Lucknow- Lincoln Pharmaceuticals Ltd.