ARHAAlexandria Redevelopment and Housing Authority (Alexandria, Virginia)
ARHAAustrian Reining Horse Association
ARHAAustralian Reproductive Health Alliance (Deakin West ACT, Australia)
ARHAAlabama Rural Health Association
ARHAAmerican Ranch Horse Association
ARHAAutomatic Random Height Adjustment
ARHAAsymmetric Ring-Hybrid Attenuator
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EN-YA=wa=mu HUL-uwahta nu*wa=mu=kan Z[I-an (20 (20)] arha zammurinut nu=wa=mu kedani [(21)] pedi arnut nu=wa=kan ANA SES.MES-YA NIN.M[ES-YA (22)] TI-anza akun nu=wa=za SES.
species legislation in 2010, in contrast to Arha and Thompson's
Telugu star Allu Arjun on Monday shared a picture with his daughter Arha on Twitter and within minutes the picture went viral with more than a thousand retweets.
The southern state of Alabama is primarily comprised of rural counties with 55 out of 67 being classified as "rural." Rural is defined by ARHA (n.d.) by analyzing four variables within a county: (a) employment percentages in the local school system, (b) monetary value of agricultural production, (c) total population per square mile, and (d) population of the largest city in the county.
H-NMR(CD3OD, 300MHz) d 2.28 (s, 3H, CH3), 7.20 (m, 3H, ArHf=f', g), 6.96(d, 1H, ArHd, 3J=7.2Hz), 7.14(t, 1H, ArHc, 3 3J=7.2Hz), 7.94(d, 2H, ArHe=e', J=7.5Hz), 7.25(d, 1H, ArHb, 3J=7.2Hz), 7.82(s, 1H, ArHa); 13C-NMR(CD3OD, 75MHz) d 24.4(1C, CH3), 128.3(2C), 128.6(2C), 131.1(1C), 138.4(1C), 122.1(1C), 134.7(1C), 124.2(1C), 131.8(1C), 121.5(1C), 152.1(1C, C-N), 164.0(1C, C=N).
In the political debate which surrounds this question, a right-wing deputy, Lambert-Sazzarin, wagers that 'le nouveau cabinet ne se pourrait tenir [...] d'envoyer une arha a Tanger, en pendant a celle de Tunis, par amour de la symetrie, comme on met deux vases sur une cheminee'.
One pattern that draws me is the solitary girl child in a labyrinth: Irene; Eilonwy; Arha. Most often she is parentless--bereaved or sundered from her kindred.
It is the story of Tenar, who as a small child became Arha, the Eaten One, priestess of the tombs of Atuan, ruled by the old earth powers of death, blood and brooding revenge.
PT Pelabuhan Indonesia II (Indonesia Port Company II) took over KSO (Operating Cooperation) of Koja Container Terminal and canceled four other projects controlled by former president's family in the port of Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, among others, PT Romanzana, Senawangi Freight Forwarding, PT Goro Yudhistira, and PT Arha Buana Bakti.
Cardiovascular disease (CVD), the leading cause of death, kills more Alabamians than all forms of cancer combined (ARHA, 2013).
(62) Though the factitive middle form siunialfta might invite a translation such as "become divine," (63) Hoffner's translation "stricken by disease" is clearly correct and corresponds to the general ancient Near Eastern idiom (found in Akkadian, Ugaritic, and Biblical Hebrew) whereby disease is designated the "hand of DN." (64) Such cattle are subject to some form of purification and then "driven off" (arha pennai).