ARHABAmateur Radio High-Altitude Ballooning
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Al Masdar Online, an independent news site, said that brigadier Ali Makram, the commander of Fareja military camp in Arhab district, his son and 25 Al Houthis were killed when fighter jets struck their gathering in Arhab.
Ali Arhab, a salaried Sonatrach worker and trade union leader at the Hassi Rmmel gas facility, described the difficult conditions at the extractive industry plants in the desert, where 99% of workers are men.
12-Agreement with Dunes International (RO.985, 000) for the construction of Arhab and Al Sininah roundabouts on Ibri / Hafeet road.
"We joined the revolution because we do not want to participate in the bloodshed and killings practiced by Saleh and his forces in [the southern city of Taiz], Sanaa and in Arhab [in northern Sanaa]," a member of the force told demonstrators.
The military held opposition leaders responsible for downing the Sukhoi SU-22 near Arhab, 40 kilometers (26 miles) north of Sanaa, a region that is the northern gateway into Sanaa.
The pan-Arab daily followed up on Friday with a story on violent confrontations in Arhab, a town to the North of the capital Sanaa, where fighters and civilians have been reported dead and wounded.
Elsewhere, witnesses say Yemeni security forces have attacked anti-government tribesmen in the Arhab region north of the capital, Sana'a, killing at least nine people since Monday.
Less reported, although not completely ignored, is the battle near Sana'a airport, where tribesmen from the Arhab district joined in fierce combat with the Republican Guard.
Al-Hanq had evaded arrest on Jan 4 during a security force raid in Arhab, 40 kilometers north of Sanaa, in which two of his relatives were killed and three other people wounded.
And in Arhab again, the security forces arrested Mohammad Ali Al Hanek, an Al Qaida operative who came back from Afghanistan.
Mohammed al-Hanq had evaded arrest on Monday during a raid by security forces in Arhab, 40km north of Sanaa, in which two of his relatives were killed and three other people wounded.