ARHPAboriginal Rental Housing Program (Australia)
ARHPAssociation of Reproductive Health Professionals
ARHPAssociation of Rheumatology Health Professionals (American College of Rheumatology)
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This statement makes clear the ARHP and NPWH position on menstrual suppression from the outset.
The co-chairs of the ARHP and NPWH clinical advisory board both declare themselves to have allegiances with Barr Laboratories, makers of Seasonale (ARHP & NPWH 2003: 15).
Choosing when to menstruate: The role of extended contraception', ARHP Clinical Proceedings: A Special Joint Issue from the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals and National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Women's Health 2 May 2003, viewed 28 April 2004.
In the case of pageview clusters obtained using the ARHP method, the weight is the connectivity value of the item within the cluster.
And insertion of a copper-T IUD can prevent pregnancy up to seven days after having unprotected intercourse, according to the ARHP.
The hot line, run by the ARHP and Bridging the Gap Communications, can also provide women with the names of health-care providers in their area who can supply them with a birth control prescription.
The ARHP survey found that respondents engaging in any form of sexual activity--from kissing to "a night of passion--more than once a week" declined from 52 and 41 percent, respectively, for men and women in their fifties to 27 and 19.
The ARHP survey found that the percentage of those declaring themselves "satisfied" with their sex life was in most cases higher than the percentage claiming to be sexually active.
When participants in the ARHP survey were asked to compare their current sex life to that when they were younger, approximately 56 percent of men in their fifties and 51.
ARHP also asked a related question: "Do you consider yourself to be a better lover than you were in the past?
An informal poll by ARHP of recognized experts in the field of mature sexuality pinpointed a number of specific research needs:
This article was adapted with permission of the Association of Reproductive Health Professionals from their September 2000 publication ARHP Clinical Proceedings.