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"Awesome Con is where technology meets science fiction and that is exactly why ARHT's technology was a perfect fit to integrate legendary Stephen Hawking this year," Michael Caruso, editor in chief of Smithsonian Magazine, said in the statement.
ARHT has also beamed in holograms at the 2017 Audi Cup soccer tournament, which was held in Munich, and sent Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into a hospital benefit.
NetDragon will have the right to nominate one individual to the ARHT board of directors and will also have the right to maintain its pro rata interest in ARHT, in the event of future distributions.
NetDragon and ARHT have also signed an agreement to establish a joint venture in select Asia Pacific markets that will include a multi-year exclusive license of ARHT's technology as well as a license of NetDragon's mobile-focused community, instant messaging and app store technologies.
The Chinese company said that the deal will unlock a network of opportunities for the use of ARHT's digital human holograms, HumaGrams, and its supporting technologies to people in China, India and certain other countries in the Asia Pacific region.
ARHT's technology will continue to leverage its patented holo-porting solution, which was introduced to China on 27 February 2016, at a NetDragon event.
Through this joint venture, NetDragon will enable ARHT to bring HumaGrams to many territories previously unreachable.
NetDragon's recent acquisition of Promethean, a provider of interactive learning technologies with a user base of 1.3 m classrooms globally, has the potential to deliver ARHT's technology to an audience in the K12 (Kindergarten-to-Grad 12) space.
The combined NetDragon and ARHT technologies will offer a mobile, augmented reality and virtual reality player in the Asia Pacific market.
ARHT's patented Augmented Reality Holographic Telepresence technology is the world's first complete end-to-end solution for the creation, transmission, and delivery of life-like digital human holograms.
Forward-looking information includes, but is not limited to, the Company's financial results; anticipated revenues, the projection for break even, the Company's sales funnel; the Company's plans to raise additional funds, the Company's technology; the potential uses for the Company's technology; the future planned events using the Company's technology; the future success of the Company; the ability of the Company to monetize the HumaGram technology; the development of the Company's technology; and interest from parties in ARHT's products.