ARHTArt History And Theory
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ARHT has also beamed in holograms at the 2017 Audi Cup soccer tournament, which was held in Munich, and sent Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau into a hospital benefit.
NetDragon will have the right to nominate one individual to the ARHT board of directors and will also have the right to maintain its pro rata interest in ARHT, in the event of future distributions.
NetDragon and ARHT have also signed an agreement to establish a joint venture in select Asia Pacific markets that will include a multi-year exclusive license of ARHT's technology as well as a license of NetDragon's mobile-focused community, instant messaging and app store technologies.
Through this joint venture, NetDragon will enable ARHT to bring HumaGrams to many territories previously unreachable.
AHRT has a big team of fundraisers who Barrow says work hard to "feed the beast" noting ARHT takes a lot of funding.
Each year ARHT also has to contest for funding from the Auckland City Council under the Auckland Regional Amenities Act and is one of 10 amenities the council might fund.