ARIACAssociazione Ricerca Italiana Apprendimento Cooperativo (Italian)
ARIACArmenian Institute of Applied Chemistry (Yerevan, Armenia)
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The winners of ARIAC 2017 were asked to present at a workshop held at the 2017 International Conference on Intelligent Robots and Systems, where travel was provided for one member of each winning team.
ARIAC 2018 will have a completely new scenario and setting.
He explained that after the collapse of the USSR, ARIAC focused on production of low-tonnage science- intensive products.
He stressed that the concept of modular drilling rigs worked out at ARIAC helped it to survive.
Thus, ARIAC is ready to expand the scope of its activities and increase the possibilities to involve a lot of scientists in the
He also added that ARIAC has been fulfilling a programme on creation of harmless, expensive but effective toxic chemicals
"ARIAC", the institute may start producing medical substances for pharmaceutical companies of Armenia and selling them in abroad in
As for possible raw materials suppliers for the "ARIAC" needs, they may be "Nairit Plant", "Vanadzor Khimprom" plant and
The actual certification was conducted by ARIAC in collaboration with Israel's Civil Aviation Authority (CAAI), which had previously certified ORBIT's systems.