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Aribi A, Bueso-Ramos C, Estey E, Estrov Z, O'Brien S, Giles F, et al.
Les trois piliers du groupe AaAaAeA@tantle percussionnis et vocaliste Nizar El Gouchi, le guitariste et compositeur Reda Sebahhi, ainsi quela trAaAaAeA?s douAaAaAeA@e Ilham Aribi, ancienne candidate de [beau moins que]X-Factor Liban[beaucoup plus grand que] et dont le passage AaAaAeA@tait remarquable.
With the Rifa'i and Aribi districts captured, the Iraqi Armed Forces are now in control of more than 90 percent of Western Mosul, leaving the ISIL on their last legs inside the provincial capital.
Aribi et al., "Effects of the association of aging and obesity on lipids, lipoproteins and oxidative stress biomarkers: a comparison of older with young men," Nutrition, Metabolism, and Cardiovascular Diseases, vol.
The enzyme immunoassay (EIA), of the free ovarian ecdysteroids, was conducted according to Aribi et al.
The existing body of CSR literature in IBs focuses on either the level of CSRD (e.g., Maali et al., 2006; Haniffa and Hudaib, 2007; Abdul Rahman et al., 2010; Hassan and Harahap, 2010; Aribi and Gao, 2012) or the determinants of CSRD (e.g., Farook et al., 2011).
They won a trophy for being the second nation to win most medals in the Seniors' category, a trophy for winning the third largest amount of medals in the Juniors' events, and also having a Libyan, Walid Aribi, voted as the Best Junior Judoka during the championships .
Amaral, Magarian, Sousa e Aribi (2003) utilizaram as pranchas 3 e 4 do CAT-A, objetivando avaliar as caracteristicas da figura materna e paterna, internalizadas.
It is obvious that any interference with the homeostasis of these two hormones with exogenous sources of the hormones or synthetic analogs can be exploited as novel insecticide target to disrupt normal development of target pest insect (Aribi et al., 2006).
"Sharjah is mainly a family destination," says Aribi. "It has a lot of attractions for families, nice hotels, beaches as well as museums, cultural heritage, natural beauty and the zoo."