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ARIELAustrian Review of International and European Law (legal publication)
ARIELAnalysing and Reporting on the Implementation of Electronic Learning in Europe (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)
ARIELAutonomous Robot for Integrated Exploration and Localization (US Navy)
ARIELAssociation for Research with Industrial and Education Links (est. 1999; France)
ARIELAction Research in Everyday Life
ARIELARI Electronics Laboratory
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Bardem who won the Oscar in 2007 for 'No Country for Old Men' is in talks of being cast amid the controversy around Bailey's selection for the role of Ariel. Critics have been calling out to the filmmakers regarding Bailey, a black woman playing a princess.
Ariel purchased 400 copies of the book for $3,680, including $80 in shipping fees, through Associated Black Charities.
"Part of me wants to work with Ariel, but the other part doesn't because we're together already in our house and we'd still be together at work.
What's more important, according to Ariel, is that the boys are doing well in school.
Minister Ariel stated: "We welcome the vice president of China and the delegation members who came with him, wonderful colleagues to the State of Israel.
While the menu is definitely Spanish, Chef Ariel has taken liberties with the food, interpreting classic dishes his way.
"I'm just really happy that Ariel and the other Berber Skinks are doing so well and I've been able to figure out how to care for them with very limited information.
En respuesta a la misma, en linea con la tesis del filosofo e historiador de las ideas latinoamericanista Arturo Andres Roig (Mendoza, 1922-2012), trabaje sobre el texto desde la hipotesis orientadora del ejercicio del "a priori antropologico" que en cuanto proceso de constitucion de un "nosotros",--para el caso plausiblemente el "nosotros" de la juventud de nuestra America, o al menos el sector ilustrado de la misma--, apunta a constituirse como sujeto en Ariel, por lo que el texto puede ser considerado fundadamente, un comienzo de la filosofia latinoamericana, desde que la filosofia comienza o recomienza--segun la tesis de Roig--, en esos procesos de constitucion de sujetos por el ejercicio del a priori antropologico.
However, Ariel will address fundamental issues about the origins and make-up of exoplanets, such as how planetary systems are formed and how they evolve.