ARIMAssociation de Restauration Immobilière (French: Real Estate Restoration Association)
ARIMAssociation de la Recherche et de l'Intelligence Marketing (French: Marketing Research and Intelligence Association; also seen as MRIA; Canada)
ARIMAutomotive Research and Industrial Mentorship (Oakland University; Rochester, MI)
ARIMAlexander Read Investment Management, Inc. (Winter Park, FL)
ARIMArchives, Records and Information Management
ARIMAccelerator and Reactor Improvement and Modification
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Otros estudios de pobreza multidimensional observan que esta es mayor entre los menores de 18 anos que en el resto de la poblacion (Arim y Vigorito 2007; Mides, 2013).
It was wonderful watching the likes of Atul Kulkarni, Yashpal Sharma, Nisar Khan, Amit Jairath and Salim Arim bring to life many of Gulzar's characters.
This case is a special (or "degenerate") case of intraguild predation (IGP), namely when a plant provides food to an intraguild (IG) predator (Arim & Marquet 2004; Coll & Guershon 2002; Garay et al.
The article below was posted by the Mattot Arim organization on its site.
Respecto al perfil que adquiere este problema, es conocida la relacion que existe en Uruguay entre pobreza e infancia y adolescencia (Arim y Vigorito, 2006; PNUD, 2005; Amarante, Arim y Vigorito, 2005; Filgueira y Katzman, 1999).
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The ichthyoplankton studies which were first started in the 18th century by Cunningham (1889) in the world were initiated in Turkey by the studies of Arim (1957) especially in the Sea of Marmara and Black Sea.
Researchers Will Gervais, Ara Norenzayan and Arim Shariff seem more interested in paltry tasks involving students, board games and tokens, which is the basis of much of their work, than the fact that religion has been, is and probably will continue to be a source of - and not a solution to - most of society's ills, including genocidal wars and zealots who fly fuel-laden jetliners into buildings.
En la lista larga o preseleccion de la Ademeba figuran Enrique Zuniga y Mike Strobbe, de Fuerza Regia; Orlando Mendez, Lorenzo Mata, Adam Parada, Victor Mariscal, Pedro Meza, Adrian Zamora y Chris Hernandez, de Halcones de Xalapa; Omar Quintero, de Huracanes de Tampico; Stephen Soriano, Anthony Esparza y Rommel Beck Castro, de Pioneros de Cancun; Hector Hernandez, de Soles de Mexicali; Quentin Gonzalez y Lonnie Vazquez, de Toros de Nuevo Laredo, y Paul Stoll Fernando Benitez, Noe Alonzo, Miguel Ayala, Isaac Gutierrez y Arim Solares, de Halcones Rojos de Veracruz.
Sentenced for theft: Felix Clive Arim Oceng (GoSS Liaison video photo)
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