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ARINAmerican Registry for Internet Numbers
ARINAbortion Recovery International Network
ARINAfghan Refugee Information Network (est. 1980)
ARINAerospace Research Information Network (NASA)
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A brother of the journalist, Abdul Wali, said Arin and his two cousins were among the detainees.
Finally, when I ask Arin Rungjang if he thinks he will return to work with ceramics, he answers simply, yet confidently and with another smile "yes, I think I will do something with clay again".
Now Arin and I can share any problems we face together," she said.
Arin Al Dakkar with little Bushr at home in Limassol yesterday
Arin will select the options to buy or sell as well as manage the process of sizing the Delta (setting the relative risk exposure of the options based on changes in the value of the underlying equity securities).
Head of Ismail Agha seminary projects in Turkey and famous Islamic scholar Mahmood Arin pointed out that present day Turkey not only cherish Islam but its youth proudly follow the teachings of divine religion unlike past secular era.
Bulent Arin at Ankara invited more Turkish investment in renewable energy and other productive sectors of economy.
Arin and Kiyak (2003) indicated that tomato seeds priming with 2% KNO3 for 5 day at 20 [degrees]C reduced salinity effects on germination of tomato and increased tomato tolerance to salinity in the early stages of growth.
Bethlehem -- Arin Qumsiyeh and Ala Rishmawi -- PNN/Exclusive - It wasn't enough for the occupation to merely force out thousands of Palestinians from the village of al-Walaja, northwest of Jerusalem, and destroy everything left in the town.
The main body of the piece is built around quotations from three actual tangos, "Gallo Ciego," "Alma de Bohemia" and "Danz Arin," building gradually in passion from first to last.
In Australia, friends said Arin Apcarian and his sister Ani died on the flight.
Gemmill was sent off six minutes after half-time for handling outside the area and the resulting free-kick from Jamie Osborne gave Arlesey the lead and Osborne's cross allowed Arin Fehmi to double the lead nine minutes from time.