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ARIPOAfrican Regional Intellectual Property Organization
ARIPOAfrican Regional Industrial Property Organization (est. 1976; Zimbabwe)
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ARIPO's director general, Fernando dos Santos, and WIPO's deputy director general, Sylvie Forbin, also addressed the opening ceremony which was moderated by Emmanuel Sackey, ARIPO's intellectual property executive.
But for the past 40 years, ARIPO's activities have touched your life in many ways without you knowing.
If you were to explain to a layman in the street the work that ARIPO does, what would you say?
Phytoseiid mites Amblyseius operculatus (De Leon, 1967), Galendromus (Galendromus) annectens (De Leon, 1958), and Typhlodromalus aripo (De Leon, 1967) did not differ in the number of individuals in each genotype and "Tupy".
Speaking at a two-day Intellectual Property (IP) roving seminar for academic and research institutions which ended on July 6, ARIPO director general, Professor Fernando Dos Santos said Botswana had also joined the Banjul Protocol for the protection of marks and as a result 2 002 were protected in the country with the numbers rising exponentially every year.
Ophelia Weeks thanked ARIPO for choosing Liberia to host the seminar, saying she is extremely happy that UL students will have the opportunity to do their research and get on par with their counterparts in the region.
This is why, since 2008, the African Regional Intellectual Property Organisation (ARIPO) has been creating a critical mass of IP experts on the continent, in partnership with the World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) and the Africa University in Mutare, Zimbabwe.
Phytoseiidae Amblydromalus manihoti Amblyseius acalyphus Amblyseius aerialis Amblyseius biotafapesp Amblyseius chiapensis Amblyseius compositus Amblyseius herbicolus Amblyseius neochiapensis Amblyseius paulofariensis Euseius citrifolius Euseius concordis Euseius sibelius Iphiseiodes zuluagai Neoseiulus tunus Proprioseiopsis cannaensis Proprioseiopsis dominigos Transeius bellottii Typhlodromalus aripo Raphignathidae Raphignathus sp.
This is the case of the Draft of Protocol for Protection of New Varieties of Plants by the African Regional Intellectual Property Organization (ARIPO), which followed the guidelines and recently submitted such regional legislation for revision before UPOV (69).
Asi, el borrador de la Organizacion Regional Africana de la Propiedad Intelectual (ARIPO) y de la Organizacion Africana de la Propiedad Intelectual (OAPI) considera un acto especifico de apropiacion indebida --que debera ser prevenido--a <<la explotacion comercial o industrial del Conocimiento Tradicional sin una justa y apropiada compensacion a los proveedores de tal conocimiento>> (67).