ARIPSAzienda Risorse Idriche Penisola Sorrentina (Italian: Sorrentina Peninsula Water Corporation)
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In less than four weeks the trial of the fraud claims brought by certain members of Kazakhstan Kagazy Group (the Claimants) against the Claimants former shareholders and directors, Maksat Arip and Shynar Dikhanayeva (the Defendants), will commence in the London High Court.
Kazakhstan Kagazy PLC and certain of its subsidiaries (the Claimants) commenced proceedings in the London High Court against the Companys former shareholder and CEO, Maksat Arip. It was alleged that Mr Arip had misappropriated funds from the Claimants, in collaboration with former finance director Shynar Dikhanbayeva and other former directors and officers of the Claimants.
On 28 February 2018 the Court ordered Mr Arip to pay $298m damages and an interim costs award of 8m to the Claimants.