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ARIUSAssociation for Regional and International Underground Storage (nuclear waste)
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Population parameters of the catfishes, Arius caelatus (Valenciennes, 1830) and Arius tenuispinis (Day, 1877) from Mumbai waters.
The latter doxa reappears in Arius. However, the apparent conflicting opinions are conciliated as we realise that the aether as introduced by Diogenes ([phrase omitted].) stands for the active elements, or the pneuma, of the Stoics.
The language of Greek metaphysical thought was simply too foreign to established ways of thinking about God for Arius, as a faithful Christian, to accept.
"United in Rivalry" will depict some of the world's most prominent champions of peace, from Oscar Arius (Costa Rica, 1987 winner) to Sir Bob Geldof (Ireland, 2006 nominee) revealing some of their true competitive colours.
This work contains translations of both volumes, along with the </Epitome of Peripatetic Ethics/>, which is attributed to Arius Didymus.
6, 7, 8, 9 and 10) (Taja 275; Frey 360, 882), (19) the lunette decoration depicts Saint Thomas Aquinas (1225-74) with the heretics Quintus Arius (256-336), (20) Averroes (Abu-al-Walid Muhammad ibn Abroad ibn Rushd, 1126-98), (21) and Sabellius (active 215-60).
The paper studies separately the different types of sources and shows that the original motivation of Arius was not to reject the divinity of the Son, but to defend his real distinction from the Father, against sabelian theology.
Whiston examined early Christian writings and came to the conclusion that Athanasius was wrong; instead, Arius was right.
The three main uses given in a report from Eusebius (often thought to stem from the Stoic Arius Didymus) follow:
When one looks at what the Fathers were doing in this way, Arius, for example, who located the point of unity between God and Christ in God's will, appears less the archetypal heretic and much more a coherent and systematic thinker.
"Even before the controversy over Arius broke out around 318, the church scene in fourth-century Alexandria ...