ARIVAlcohol-Related Injury and Violence
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General Motors (NYSE: GM), a United States-based automaker, has started taking pre-orders for its bikes under the Ariv e-bike brand in Europe.
Emerging from life on a kibbutz, the institution at the very core of Labour-Zionism's ideology, Hanoch was Einstein's protege during the early stages of his career and, like him, one of the founding fathers of Israeli rock (Ma'ariv, March 14, 2009).
In one interview, Vidamn is quoted as follows: "In the end it is understood that Berlin is not Jerusalem and you don't have to go crazy for any place in the world and it is best to stay here" (Ma'ariv, December 16, 2014).
An exclusive interview of Asmi Ariv published by Partridge on their blog:
Asmi Ariv is a business consultant and offers his expertise in marketing and branding in various industries, especially IT, ITeS, BPO, Visa processing and business communications.
The Hebrew daily paper Ma'ariv reported on April 6, 1997:
(Ma "ariv, April 6, 1997) Taibeh had one more game to play, a league return match against Hapo'el Jerusalem and the last game of the season.
ARIV, which was established last September, has gained the support of two major auto makers in the North Rhine-Westphalia region, GM/Opel and Ford.
The initial studies for ARIV have been funded by industry participants ($15,000 each) and the North Rhine-Westphalia state ($360,000).
"Habalash ha 'ivri makeh shenit" [The Hebrew Detective Strikes Again], Ma ariv Sifrut, May 26, 1989: 5.
(124) Excerpt from article by Ben Caspit in Israel's Hebrew-language Ma 'ariv newspaper, translated and quoted in "Most of Israel security cabinet backs Iran strike," Agence France Presse, March 15, 2012.
According to Reuters, a report in Israel's Ma'ariv newspaper that President Obama agreed to provide the equipment on the condition that Israel not attack in 2012 was dismissed in Israeli government circles as "unrealistic." "Iran-Konflikt-Israel fordert in USA bunkerbrechende Bomben an (Israel requests bunker-buster bombs in USA)," Reuters Deutschland, March 8, 2012 (CRS translation).