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ARKArkansas (old style)
ARKArkadelphia (Amtrak station code; Arkadelphia, AR)
ARKAnimal Refuge Kansai (Japan)
ARKAbsolute Return for Kids (UK)
ARKAdvances in Robot Kinematics (conference)
ARKAdmin Report Kit
ARKanti Root Kit
ARKArchiving Tool for Kde
ARKanti Roll Kit
ARKArusha, Tanzania (airport code)
ARKActs of Random Kindness
ARKAssociation to Rescue Kritters (St. Helen, MI)
ARKAdvisors of Rubi-Ka (Anarchy Online game volunteers)
ARKArchival Resource Key
ARKAll-Purpose Readiness Kit (food storage)
ARKAlt.Religion.Kibology (newsgroup)
ARKAnimal Rehabilitation Keep (University of Texas Marine Science Institute)
ARKArtificial Reefs of the Keys
ARKAthletes Running for Kids (est. 1989)
ARKAstrophysics Research Knowledgebase
ARKArchaeological Recording Kit
ARKApostolic Response At Kellenberg
ARKApplication, Results, Knowledge
ARKAssets, Resources and Knowledge (facilities management)
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The mite with the broken leg was restless, and moaned; but after a while turned his face towards Johnny's bed, to fortify himself with a view of the ark, and fell asleep.
The doctor was quick to understand children, and, taking the horse, the ark, the yellow bird, and the man in the Guards, from Johnny's bed, softly placed them on that of his next neighbour, the mite with the broken leg.
So I sailed in to shore, made all fast, and hurried up among the arks.
When ARK Invest research expects autonomous taxi services to be commercially available, enabling the rise and rapid growth of autonomous taxi networks.
However, because Ark is such a menu-focused game, this undertaking is going to require a bit more time than anticipated.
Earlier, ARK made its source code public on GitHub while the platform is still under development.
1A), is a rock structure that some interpret to be the fossilized remains of Noah's ark.
Spotlight on the Ark Royal is part of the Shipyard Painters' Alpha Omega Exhibition which focuses on the life of Wallsend's Swan Hunter shipyard as documented by some it is former employees.
The ark, built according to the measurements laid out in the Bible, spans almost two football fields and is as high as a seven-story building.
Oldknow is set to be renamed Ark Chamberlain Primary Academy as it battles to break with its troubled past, but the Post can reveal the woman set to become its executive principal is to quit before she has even begun.
A promotional video from RetroCat Media tells the story of the ARK program and is available at Vimeo.
Mount Ararat, the site mentioned in the Holy Bible as the place where Noah's ark landed after the universal flood is a mountain in western Asia.