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Forthwith from out the Arke a Raven flies, And after him, the surer messenger, A Dove sent forth once and agen to spie Green Tree or ground whereon his foot may light; The second time returning, in his Bill An Olive leafe he brings, pacific signe: Anon drie ground appeers, and from his Arke The ancient Sire descends with all his Train; Then with uplifted hands, and eyes devout, Grateful to Heav'n, over his head beholds A dewie Cloud, and in the Cloud a Bow Conspicuous with three lifted colours gay, Betok'ning peace from God, and Cov'nant new.
Research shows that the effect occurs in trivia statements (Schwartz, 1982), opinion statements (Arkes et al., 1989; Koch & Zerback, 2013), political election campaign slogans (Koch & Zerback, 2011), and product-related claims (Hawkins & Hoch, 1992; Johar & Roggeveen, 2007).
As to Justice Sutherland's decision in Curtiss-Wright, Arkes claims that the separate states after 1776 "never enjoyed the attributes of sovereignty in international relations" and the power of external sovereignty passed from the Crown directly to the United States.
A seminal study from Arkes and Blumer (1985) helped to establish the sunk cost effect by demonstrating the differential impact of initial investment amount (i.e., time, effort, or money) on participants' tendency to make a future investment.
In addition to finding conservative perfectionism in the works of theorists like Arkes, we can find examples in Supreme Court decision-making.
The explanation for observed behavioural differences varies from the desire to avoid waste (Arkes & Blumer, 1985); the commitment to and need to justify prior decisions (Staw, 1981; Brockner, 1992); and the tendency to be risk-seeking as a result of previous losses (Whyte, 1986; Garland & Newport, 1991).
Leading natural law theorist Hadley Arkes and Chief Judge for the Ninth Circuit U.S.
The trap effect experiments, taken from the study by Arkes and Blumer (1985) on anomalies in behavioural finance, demonstrated that respondents with already invested funds (77%) were inclined to assume this financial obligation and subjectively evaluated possible financial return.
"The results are plausible," says economist Jeremy Arkes of the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, Calif.
I believe that it would be more profitable for Objectivists to reject the efforts of writers such as John Finnis, Hadley Arkes, or Robert George to co-opt the term "natural" for their supernatural rights theories than to discard the distinguished term "natural rights," to which Objectivists have a superior claim.
Professor Hadley Arkes of Amherst College was named as the Director of the new Center, and offered these remarks in launching the project.