ARMATAntiradiation Missile (French)
ARMATAdvance Radiological Monitoring and Assessment Team
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Peter had surgery on his leg and armat the Victoria Infirmary after the attack last Tuesday.
Word from the dressing room was that he had swung an armat a player pulling him back by his shirt.
Exhibiting motion pictures as a commercial enterprise in North America dates from 23 April 1896, when Thomas Armat and C.
Following a series of trials, Josh Harris and Harry Williams, whose early development has been under the guidance of the Vale Football Academy, have been awarded one-year contracts with the development armat Cardiff City.
LEADING Southport property agent Ball & Percival launched its newoverseas property armat its Lord Street offices recently.
Hartley's anger boiled over right at the end when he swung a boot and an armat Townsley, resulting in a red card for a second caution.
2 when he recommended that he arm himself if he 'do stir abroad' (166-67: 'si haguessis de sortir, ves armat').
These include the MBDA's BGL 1000 laser-guided bomb, Armat anti-radar missile, AM39 anti-ship missile, rocket launchers, Apache standoff weapon and the stealthy cruise missile, SCALP.
Edison's Vitascope on 23 April, the designer Thomas Armat recorded