ARMCArrowhead Regional Medical Center (Colton, CA)
ARMCAlpena Regional Medical Center (Alpena, MI)
ARMCAustin and Repatriation Medical Centre (est. 1995; Australia)
ARMCAmerican Rental Management Company (Waldorf, Maryland)
ARMCAudit Risk Management Committee (various locations)
ARMCAtlantic Regional Medical Center (Pomona, NJ)
ARMCAfrican Resources Management Constellation (international project)
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Rising to meet the challenge, ARMC appointed a multidisciplinary team comprised with an estimation of 50 to 60 representatives.
Algeria has been using mouse brain rabies vaccine made in Algeria and is starting to use the cell culture vaccine; however, according to the Paris ARMC (in charge of 16.
For example, whereas ARMC use to be a single public entity (that is, the hospital authority), it now comprises at least four private nonprofit organizations that handle the management, financing, and delivery of its services.
He also led opening of a new Emergency Department at ARMC Mainland Campus in 2005, part of a $35 million expansion of the campus.
Built near the San Andreas Fault, ARMC administrators took into account the unique requirements of the building location before planning its design.
1] To ensure its leadership position in Northeast Georgia, ARMC, Inc.
This indicator provides trend information from the ARMC Patient Response Survey.