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And she assumed, upon sitting up in the armchair, a still more graceful and abandoned position than when she reclined.
Her hands clutched her armchair; she ground her teeth inwardly; her eyes followed the motion of the door as it closed behind Lord de Winter and Felton, and the moment she was alone a fresh fit of despair seized her.
I could remember the elated feeling and the soul-gripping cold of those tramway journeys taken into town to put what in diplomatic language is called pressure upon the good Hudig, with his warm fire, his armchair, his big cigar, and the never-failing suggestion in his good-natured voice: "I suppose in the end it is you they will appoint captain before the ship sails?" It may have been his extreme good-nature, the serious, unsmiling good-nature of a fat, swarthy man with coal-black moustache and steady eyes; but he might have been a bit of a diplomatist, too.
"Sit down--sit down, Beaufort: push up the yellow armchair; now I've got you I want a good gossip.
Meanwhile the cause of the sensation--the Grandmother--was being borne aloft in her armchair. Every person whom she met she scanned with an inquisitive eye, after first of all interrogating me about him or her at the top of her voice.
When she reached the armchair she dropped into it heavily as if completely exhausted.
I observed the three weeks' old number of the Standard folded with the correspondence from Russia uppermost, lying on a little table by the side of the armchair. Mrs.
Replacing all existing armchairs in public schools with neutral desks would require almost P81 billion in the next five years, the Department of Education (DepEd) said yesterday.
The DepEd said it has been allocating two left-handed armchairs per set of 45 armchairs or 4 percent of total armchairs for learners in a classroom.
The new law mandated that 'it shall be obligatory for all educational institutions, both public and private, that make use of armchairs in the classroom to provide neutral desks to all students.'
PS36, Dunelm ROCKING ARMCHAIR: This gorgeous children's rocking chair is constructed with wooden feet and a quilted linen seat.
The author shows how philosophical knowledge is produced by the armchair method of philosophical analysis.