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ARMISAutomated Reporting and Management Information System (FCC)
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Nay, number (itself) in armies importeth not much, where the people is of weak courage; for (as Virgil saith) It never troubles a wolf, how many the sheep be.
But in ancient times, the trophies erected upon the place of the victory; the funeral laudatives and monuments for those that died in the wars; the crowns and garlands personal; the style of emperor, which the great kings of the world after borrowed; the triumphs of the generals, upon their return; the great donatives and largesses, upon the disbanding of the armies; were things able to inflame all men's courages.
Raiding intended for procuring booty could lead in irregular fashion to actual conquest, and raiders sometimes avoided fortified settlements at first and, pressed for provisions like other raiding armies, aimed at easier, more quickly dominated settlements of lesser symbolic significance.
The reason why vi et armis is so powerful is that the question answers itself, and it does so with the same clarity today that it did so many years ago.
Armis reported that some the devices use different variants of Linux and Android.
Quoad enim in se fuit, hortari aggressus est ut, captis armis, veteris romani populi et nominis et libertatis meminissent.
remedia, nisi novum et nutantem adhuc principem precibus vel armis
ita barbariem occupauit, ut ab iniuriis temperarent, feriarentur ab armis, iustitiam colerent, et ciuilem sibi inuicem impertirent affectum, John of Salisbury, Policraticus, 5.3, Webb, 2.285.