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ARMSEAdjusted Root Mean Square Errors
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5 that the aRMSE of any estimator shows degradation as the standard deviation increases.
For example, the aRMSE of Dev1 is about 1.5 meters less than that of Dev3 for CORR-ML, which is about 30% lower.
ARMSE of the phase error estimates versus SNR in the cases of (a) uniform sampling, PRF= 125 Hz; (b) nonuniform sampling, PRF = 142.86 Hz.
ARMSE = 1/M-1 [M.summation over (m=2)] (1/N [square root of ([N.summation over (n=1)][([[??].sub.m,n]- [[epsilon].sub.m]).sup.2])]), (16)
Figure 4 shows the ARMSE of the attitude angles from three filters when p = 0,0.1, 0.2,..., 1.0.