ARMTAutorité de Régulation des Mesures Techniques
ARMTAlabama Reading and Math Test
ARMTArmy RESET Management Tool
ARMTAirport Resource Management Tool (FAA)
ARMTAutomated Reset Management Tool
ARMTAvailability, Reliability, Maintainability and Testability
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Correspondance de IasmaU-Addu, ARMT V Paris: Imprimerie Nationale.
Lettres de Yaqqim-Addu de Sagaratum, ARMT XIV Paris: Paul Geuthner.
Usually around R-120, the redeploying unit executed the ARMT plan, and by R-90 it processed ARI equipment as instructed.
1) ARMT is both a traditional independent regulatory agency and a novel attempt to develop a governance structure to address information economy challenges.
Stephens also said he wasn't involved in the details of the 2004 purchase "nor have I been involved in the day-to-day operation of ARMT LLC.
Mais le seul exemple clair que nous possedions montre que l'auteur d'une lettre divine est un prophete-apilum (a Andarig, ARMT XXVI/1 194; voir ARMT XXVI/2 414), dont on ne peut pas dire qu'il appartienne a une "temple administration.
One source said Arkansas Research is losing money, which is a sore point for Osborne because he tried to tell ARMT executives how to run the company.
Also published at this time was ARMT 15 (1954), a major tool for accessing Mari's lexical and onomastic wealth.
Once I saw the program import the ARMT data and then address each student's needs, offering engaging instruction and proactive activities, I absolutely knew that this is what all students across Alabama needed," Coker said.
Osborne apparently believes the management team at ARMT drove away business and didn't listen to his suggestions on how to run the 200-bed, early-phase clinical research facility he started in 1968.
As a resecuritization, this deal will receive all its cash-flow from the underlying class 2-A-1 certificate, which receives its cash-flow from the underlying mortgage loans in ARMT 2006-2.
As investor Mary Good revealed to the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette, a "big piece" of ARMT is owned by the Stephens Group Inc.