ARMTAutorité de Régulation des Mesures Techniques
ARMTAlabama Reading and Math Test
ARMTArmy RESET Management Tool
ARMTAirport Resource Management Tool (FAA)
ARMTAutomated Reset Management Tool
ARMTAvailability, Reliability, Maintainability and Testability
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At R-180, the redeploying unit began its property book evaluation and entered data into the ARMT. Theater staff then determined what equipment would enter reset and stay in theater by using Automatic Reset Induction (ARI).
In 2007, France created the Regulatory Authority for Technical Measures (l'Autorite de Regulation des Mesures Techniques or ARMT), an independent regulatory agency charged with promoting interoperability of media technologies used by French consumers.
Stephens also said he wasn't involved in the details of the 2004 purchase "nor have I been involved in the day-to-day operation of ARMT LLC.
THE Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has accused President Muhammadu Buhari and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) of attempting to claim credit for the Abuja Mass Transit Rail (ARMT) commissioned by the president on Thursday.
Osborne alleges that ARMT was so mismanaged after the June 2004 sale that the company was a shell of its former self only 18 months later.
Les rites funeraires, qui sont lies de pres au sujet traite, sont egalement tres absents, alors que des textes recemment publies auraient permis des analyses renouvelees; je songe aux deuils a la cours d'Alep (ARMT XXVI/1 11) ou a celle de Karkemis (ARMT XXVI/1 281), ou encore au remarquable texte d'Emar qui montre que le sangum du temple de Nergal a en fait la charge de fossoyeur-qabbarum (M.
Research Solutions LLC bought ARMT, and Osborne stayed on as a consultant.
ARM 21 141 tallow disbursed 10+ M.18156 (ARMT 26/2, 242 n.
When Research Solutions LLC of Little Rock bought ARMT for a reported $20 million, Osborne agreed to stay on as a consultant.
(38) We occasionally find the idiom tertam nadanum "to give a message," in connection with direct "prophetic" speech from the male and female "ecstatics" (mubum/muhhutum) and from the assinnum ("eunuch"?); see ARMT XXV 142:12-15 (quoted in AEM I.1 no.