ARNCActive Road Noise Cancellation (car engineering system)
ARNCAlabama River Newsprint Company (Monroeville, AL)
ARNCAge-Related Nuclear Cataracts
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This includes nuts, dried fruit, confectioneries, deserts and coffee in 14 different countries across the Middle East and North Africa region, including Egypt and all the GCC states, using a proprietary Al Rifai system owned by ARNC.
This is a culmination of almost 20 years of co-operation between the parties and we look forward to further developing the Al Rifai nuts and confectionery business of ARNC and successfully continuing to serve the needs of our customers for high quality products in the region," Al Homaizi co-vice-chairman Saleh Al Homaizi said.
It is particularly damaging as it steals from the people of Africa the benefits that are supposed to arise out of natural resources management, and in essence robs entire countries of their wealth, said ARNC Director Sheila Khama.