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ARNIEArchive Network Interface
ARNIEAutomotive Repair National Information Exchange (used to manage auto repair costs by major insurers in Australia)
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3 DURING a year of national service in the Austrian army in 1965, Arnie went AWOL while on basic training so he could attend a bodybuilding competition.
But four years on from the scandal, Arnie, just like his Terminator alter ego, is back - and back on top.
The amount that otherwise would have been allocated to Gary was instead required to be reallocated between Arnie and Jack in accordance with their interests in Eagle; therefore, each was taxed on $5,000 more of Eagle's 1990 income than would have been the case if Gary had been recognized as a partner.
5TWINS 5 TWINS (1988) ARNIE showed he wasn''t a one trick pony when he played Danny DeVito's long-lost twin brother in this much-loved Eighties comedy.
Arnie last appeared in 2003's Terminator 3 but missed the 2009 instalment.
But Kristanna Loken, who co-starred with Arnie in third film, Rise of the Machines, last week said they both plan to return for the new movie.
The pal added: "Dianne's a strong woman who's not afraid to express her views, so Arnie must have felt quite chastened after talking to her.
Crestfallen Arnie said: "Anyone that feels offended, I just want to say I'm sorry.
STARBUCKS LIQUEUR LAUNCH: Arnie Morton's The Steakhouse in Burbank is teaming up with Absolut's Vanilia Vodka for a cocktail reception launching Starbucks Coffee Liqueur on March 17.
Kyle Arnie broke best but Droopys Corelli was also smartly away and his early pace saw him take over before the bend.
Terminator Arnie Schwarzenegger today pledged `I'll be back in Toon'.
He also said you could not pick who was going to aggress Arnie, because people from teenagers to 65-year-olds frequently became alarmed by the dog, who according to Clarke, is `only doing his job.