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ARNIEArchive Network Interface
ARNIEAutomotive Repair National Information Exchange (used to manage auto repair costs by major insurers in Australia)
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Clearly, both Arnie and Macron both hope one day to say "Hasta la vista, Donald".
They said Arnie had slipped his lead when he was tied outside a shop in Tynemouth and had apparently travelled two miles to Brown's Bay where he somehow ended up stuck on the cliff ledge.
The dispute arose when several ticket holders thought they had won prizes, which included a meet-and-greet with Arnie and the chance to have a professional photo with the veteran actor, 68.
3 DURING a year of national service in the Austrian army in 1965, Arnie went AWOL while on basic training so he could attend a bodybuilding competition.
But four years on from the scandal, Arnie, just like his Terminator alter ego, is back - and back on top.
It became difficult for me to return to my cabin after not seeing Arnie for a while.
It hits its stride when Arnie enlists the help of locals - such as a wacky gun museum owner (Jackass star Johnny Knoxville) and a sultry cop played by Jaimie Alexander - for a bullet ballet of bloody and bruising (and often amusing) action.
Despite the FBI losing control of a criminal in Las Vegas, we know from the title that it will boil down to Arnie vs the bad guys in sleepy old Sommerton Junction, Arizona.
But Arnie actually missed his son's big partnership because no sooner had he come in to bat than Arnie temporarily left the ground to take Ryan's two infant children to the railway station.
The pal added: "Dianne's a strong woman who's not afraid to express her views, so Arnie must have felt quite chastened after talking to her.
Under protection of the new pseudonym of Arnie Carver he enrolls in a boarding school for super-able geniuses on the mid-Atlantic island-nation of Demeverde.