ARNORTHArmy North (US Army)
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Prior to the hurricane season, the 3rd ESC participated in ARNORTH training exercises to prepare for DSCA operations.
The plan to support ARNORTH was tested during the previous hurricane season, which had consecutive devastating hurricanes that required a unified government response and the ESC's full complement of distributed mission command capabilities.
Northern Command and is under the operational control of ARNORTH. When deployed, the 3rd ESC is the operational sustainment headquarters for ARNORTH during all DSCA operations in a designated joint operations area (JOA).
With this funding, our unit was able to send over 30 Soldiers to LET opportunities at ARNORTH headquarters and various other locations.
The majority of these LET opportunities allowed our unit to send all-source analysts to ARNORTH headquarters to support every day operations.
As we began to see the return on investment we gained from the all-source LETs, we worked with ARNORTH to expand opportunities into other MI fields.
ARNORTH deployed its teams as part of a unified, coordinated federal effort to support the local and state officials leading the response, said Col.
ARNORTH currently has defense coordinating officers assigned to 10 Federal Emergency Management Agency regions.
These three critical sustainment elements were integrated into the Canadian Manoeuvre Training Centre headquarters, the ARNORTH team, and the 3rd IDSB STB staff in order to support the entire rotation.
(ARNORTH and NORTHCOM will, in fact, have an AR flagged TIB with a TSB and an MI Operations Battalion).
To assist in this effort, ARNORTH representatives reviewed the scenario material and provided feedback to the SIMEX administrator.
Our writers are gathering and fusing information from the field from such units as the G2, 82nd Airborne Division, First Army, Army North (ARNORTH), and the Mississippi National Guard.