ARNOVAAssociation for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action
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For example, at ARNOVA, our paper system did not work very well.
At ARNOVA, we determined that we needed three segments of the online abstract system:
At ARNOVA, we decided to forego an online scheduling system.
We also had individuals not familiar with ARNOVA, as well as those not technologically savvy, test the system.
Paper presented at the ARNOVA Annual Conference, Yale University, October 30-November 1.
1995, Shifting the Burden: How Much Can Government Download to the Non-Profit Sector, ARNOVA Conference, Cleveland, Ohio, November.
Historian and ARNOVA President-elect David Hammack welcomed the idea of placing a stronger focus on the purposes of nonprofit organizations.
And Richard Steinberg, Indiana University economist and past-president of ARNOVA, cautioned that "There is no definition that is best for every purpose.
The 31st annual ARNOVA conference, "Nonprofits and Community," will be held in Montreal, Quebec, Canada.