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Disease-free certified seed potato tubers of cultivars Ajiba, Almera, Arnova, Atlas, Bellini, Diamant, Fontane, Lola, Matador, Timate, Safrane, Santae and Spunta obtained from Agrico Co., Holland, Anabelle, Desiree and Nicola obtained from Moracco in the form of tissue cultured minitubers, certified tubers of Charlotte and Rembrandt obtained from British Potato Council (BPC), United Kingdom and Costanera, Maria Tropica-1, MF-1, MF-II, Primavera, Tacna and Unica obtained from the International Potato Research Center (CIP), Lima, Peru were used for the study.
"Wage Differentials and Gender, Race, Orientation, and Disability Diversity in the Nonprofit Workforce." Paper presented at the ARNOVA Conference, 2008
TechCrunch said the specific device the Philly operations is selling is the Arnova 10 G2, which uses a 1 GHz processor, has 512 MB of random-access memory and a 10-inch display at 1024 by 600 pixels.
Members of the National Network for Social Work Managers (NNSWM), the Association for Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Associations (ARNOVA), and the Association for Community Organization and Social Administration (ACOSA) were invited to participate in a national study of nonprofit managers.
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(109.) See Sally Raskoff & Richard Sundeen, The Role of Community Organizations in the Promotion of School Sponsored Student Volunteering (paper presented at the ARNOVA Meetings, Indianapolis, Dec.
I gratefully acknowledge the programming support of Michael Cheng and the helpful comments of Partha Deb and Bill Evans, the editors of Health Services Research, two anonymous reviewers, and participants of the 1997 ARNOVA conference.