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House File 732, which is still awaiting action by the Governor as of May 17, 2019, recognizes ARNPs and PAs as "health care practitioners" who would have the authority to certify to the existence of a qualifying diagnosis for a patient to obtain cannabidiol (CBD), AKA "medical marijuana." Currently, only physicians are recognized as "health care practitioners" for the purpose of making such certifications.
(9.) Professional titles and nomenclature (e.g., "APRN," "ARNP," "nurse practitioner," etc.) as well as APRN licensure criteria and scope of practice rules have been converging nationally, although they still vary across the states.
In the end, the hospitals will either pay up or find another, cheaper way (neonatal ARNPs in house, etc.).
With EMR and OE functionality, the physician, PA-C or ARNP can enter a patient lab order into the system; it stays in pending status until the patient visits the lab and has the test performed.
I'm hopeful that there might be partnerships with physicians and the ARNPs in terms of patient care on the units where we might develop protocols and some joint practice models.
In Iowa, ARNPs work independently staffing clinics, hospitals, and practicing in the community to ensure that health care is available to everyone.
I recently wrote in favor of DHS rules recognizing ARNPs as primary care providers by the Managed Care Organizations (MCO).
Only ARNPs and nurse educators are covered, no BSN or ADN repayment.
Unfortunately, we were unable pass legislation for an eNLC for ARNPs in Iowa this year.
WHEREAS, Advanced registered nurse practitioners (ARNPs), i.e.
The IDPH rule allowing ARNPs to supervise fluoroscopy was intended to improve access to healthcare (particularly in rural areas), improve patient safety, and clarify and codify existing practice.
They were able to voice their concerns about providing ARNPs the opportunity to sign home health plans of treatments.