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ARNSAnnual Review of Nuclear Science (journal)
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"You've forgot to pass the tack-earing, but wid time and help ye'll l'arn. There's good and just reason for ivry rope aboard, or else 'twould be overboard.
I'd rayther arn my bite an' my sup wi' a hammer in th' road!'
'Gashford!' cried Lord George, pressing his secretary's arm tight within his own, and speaking with as much emotion in his voice, as in his altered face, 'I arn called indeed, now.
But old age is a great injury to good looks, as these sweet young ladies have yet to l'arn! The place is sadly changed!
The interviewer asked, "Did the pope change his mind about liberation theology?" Arns replied: "John Paul II was always a man with a divided heart.
Arns' name was thrown into the stew of this nasty monologue, during which the young priest labeled such bishops as "ignorant little men" who were "naive."
Penny Lernoux, the late NCR Latin America affairs writer, reported that Arns became involved in the human rights struggle almost immediately after his Silo Paulo appointment when the military's secret police raided a priest's house where they found papers advocating better wages for workers.
The principal evidence for this was the story of the late 1980s break-up of Arns' archdiocese, leaving him with only one-fifth of the original territory, which prompted him to get on a plane straight to Rome, where John Paul assured him: "I do not want the division."
At the 1992 meeting of the Latin American Bishops' Council (CELAM) in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic, Arns played a key role in blocking the efforts of the Roman curia to delegitimize liberation theology.
Cardinal Arns, 76, has served as archbishop of Sao Paulo since 1970.
Arns himself prompted the discussion during a recent news conference.