AROAAutosomal Recessive Ocular Albinism (eyes)
AROAArkansas River Outfitters Association
AROAAfrican Rhino Owners Association
AROAAmerican Renewable Oil Association (est. 1993)
AROAAutosomal Recessively Inherited Ocular Albinism (ophthalmology)
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In addition, advertising, R&D, and capital expenditures are positively associated with Tobins'q but negatively related to AROA and AROS.
Rao, the founding associate of AROA is excited and pleased to be associated with OnCURE and its affiliated physician groups throughout Florida.
OnCURE is the second largest freestanding provider of radiation therapy services in the State of Florida, and with the addition of AROA to our existing network, we remain committed to expand our regional networks of radiation centers in association with quality physicians.