AROCAlfa Romeo Owners Club
AROCAustralasian Rehabilitation Outcomes Centre
AROCArmy Requirements Oversight Council
AROCAnal Retentive Obsessive Compulsive
AROCAverage Rate of Change
AROCAtlantic Regional Osteopathic Convention
AROCAntwerp Renault Oldtimer Club (car club; Antwerp, Belgium)
AROCArab Resource Organizing Center
AROCAsymptotic Receiver Operating Characteristic
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The allele profiles of the aroC, dnaN, hemD, hisD, pure, sucA, and thrA genes were 10, 7, 12, 9, 5, 9, and 2 in ST19 and 116, 7, 12, 9, 5, 9, and 2 in ST328, respectively.
He declined to say ahead of the AROC meeting what technology readiness level the kits had achieved, but generally TARDEC transfers items to the acquisition community when they reach TRL six.
To minimize the effect of these variables in the analyses, a covariate adjustment was used in the AROC evaluation [26].
Arab Resources Organizing Coalition (AROC) and Art Forces on the 68th Nakba day presented George Jackson in the Sun of Palestine; amultimedia cultural event that expresses the interconnections between current and historic struggles against colonization from Palestine to the streets of Oakland.
AROC analysis identified a moderate correlation with HbAlc and a high AUSDRISK score.
This model produced an area under a receiver operating characteristic curve (AROC) as a measure of the predicted value's ability to discriminate between the given racial/ethnic category and other categories.
Weekly Act of Spending in State Political Action Variable Candidate Committee (PAC) Number of Delegates 0.030 * 0.011 * (0.007) (0.005) Nonbinding Contest -0.754 * -0.339 * (0.208) (0.149) Weeks until Contest -0.203 * -0.195 * (0.051) (0.040) Candidate Spending 0.728 * 0.241 * (lagged one week) (0.178) (0.128) PAC Spending 0.236+ 0.981 * (lagged one week) (0.141) (0.119) Other Candidates' Spending 0.252 * -0.114 (lagged one week) (0.096) (0.089) Other PACs' Spending -0.018 -0.546 * (lagged one week) (0.099) (0.102) Constant 0.583 -0.008 (0.657) (0.420) aROC 0.858 0.897 [??] 0.031 n 858 Notes: Bias-corrected bivariate probit estimates from 1,000 bootstrap resamples of candidate-PAC-state dyads.
Lara Kiswani, executive director of the local Arab Resource and Organising Center (AROC), said the blockade action was part of a greater plan to generate momentum for the boycott, divestment and sanctions against the Israeli government following its violent attacks to Gaza.
To close out the cycle, in the sixth month briefings are presented to the Vice Chief of Staff for the Army (VCSA) and the Army Requirements Oversight Council (AROC); these authorities then provide their approval, if recommended.