AROEAnnual Report on Operations Evaluation
AROEAdult Rating of Oral English
AROEAdjusted Return on Equity
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MLST was performed on all the strains by sequencing the internal fragments of seven housekeeping genes (arcC, aroE, glpF, gmK, pta, tpi, and yqiL).
The GenBank accession numbers of staphylococcal gene sequences, arcC, aroe, glpf, gmk, pta, tpi, and yqil, determined in this study were, respectively, JF495119, JF495120, JF495121, JF495122, JF495123, JF495124, and JF495125.
The general lack of studies comparing function-based and non-function based interventions extends to all function-based interventions for problem behavior (Gresham, 2003; Nelson, Roberts, Mathur, Rutherford, & Aroe, 1999) rather than just academic interventions.
One report of 6 December 1943 said that "The enemy is reported to train Papuans in the use of rifles at Iworep village.." (18) (that is, near Dobo, the largest settlement in the Aroe Islands off the west coast of Dutch New Guinea).
For each firm-year observation, we regress abnormal ROE (denoted AROE) on an equally weighted sample average abnormal ROE (denoted AvgAROE) over the rolling ten-year window preceding the date on which we compute risk-free value:
(12.) We agree with the discussant's observation that, because AROE is measured after any earnings management, managers of qualified firms are not completely successful in managing firm earnings to within the assumed 80/120 bonus plan range.
aurita).--Uchida 1928: 373-376 (pentamerous, Palau).--Stiasny, 1931: 140 (specimen at British Museum).--Stiasny, 1935: 34 (Aroe Islands).--Stiasny, 1937: 207 (East Indies).--Ranson, 1945: 60, 61 (review of genus).--Kramp 1961: 340 (taxonomy).--Kramp, 1965: 262-263, plate 1 fig.
aureus as described previously, including carbamate kinase (arcC), shikimate dehydrogenase (aroE), glycerol kinase (glp), Guanylate kinase (gmk), phosphate acetyltransferase (pta), triosephosphate isomerase (tpi), and acetyl coenzyme A acetyltransferase (yqi).
(6) on the basis of housekeeping genes abcZ, adk, aroE, fumC, gdh, pdh, and pgm.