AROFAmbiguity Resolution On the Fly
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To celebrate the fifth anniversary of the camp, campers took part in special activities from a performance by the Iranian indie rock band The Yellow Dogs--a band composed of Iranian musicians and stars of Bahman Qobadi's film "No One Knows about Persian Cats"--to a ta' arof tournament.
His previous assignments include SGM, Training Development, 305th MI Battalion; Company First Sergeant in the 305th MI Battalion, 111th MI Brigade, and 721st MI Battalion; S3 Noncommissioned Officer (NCO) in Charge (NCOIC), 732d MI Battalion; Collection Management NCOIC, Army Regional Operations Facility (AROF)/ National Security Agency; Plans NCO, 470th MI Group, Panama; and Morse Advisor, 3/7th Special Forces Group, Panama.
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