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vulgaris were collected from each of: Dog Abam, Arok and Tit (Oyam District) and Telela (Lira District), study areas in Northern Uganda.
Arok Wolvengrey, editor, Wawiyatacimowinisa: Funny Little Stories Regina: University of Regina Publications, 2007, 110 pages, ISBN 0889771855, $12.95 (paperback)
According to the Pararaton, a work believed to have been produced sometime after 1481 CE, the Singhasari-Majapahit dynasty was founded in 1222 CE with the overthrow of Krtajaya of Kadiri by the legendary Ken Arok. (1) The Pararaton tells us that Ken Arok's career began with his murder of Tunggal Ametung, ruler of the district of Tumapel, which was followed by the taking of Ametung's queen, Ken Dedes, as his wife, as much for her legendary beauty as for having caught sight of the 'glow of her loins' and so learning that she was destined to be the progenitrix of a long line of Javanese kings.
Wolvengrey, Arok 2005 "Inversion and the absence of grammatical relations in Plains Cree", in: Casper de Groot--Kees Hengeveld (eds.), 419-445.
Joseph Arok quit school in 1993 at 12 years of age to join southern Sudan's fight for liberation against the government in the north.
Wackiest place is the ordinary Illinois split-level Ben Skora has turned into an ever-changing lab for his automated "gadgets" -- ranging from James Bond-style push-button conveniences to Arok the 9-foot robot.
Former national coach Frank Arok said Venables was not "a team leader, while Manfred Schaefer of Marconi-Fairfield snapped: ""Someone is taking us for a ride.""
At Ateppi Camp, Father Peter Bol Arok, an Anglican Dinka who had constructed a temporary straw church for his parishioners quoted Isaiah, chapter 18, and the Book of Zephaniah, regarding destruction and desolation in the land of Cush (Sudan), as well as the Gospel according to Matthew, chapter 24: "For nation will go to war against nation, kingdom against kingdom; there will be famines.
The district representative said the locals reported to him that the consolidated group of Patikul-based ASG headed by Radulan Sahiron, sub-leaders Hajan Sawadjaan, Harula Asbang, Basaron Arok, and Jamiri Jawhari, with some 200 armed men, were seen around 3:35 p.m.
Among the Abu Sayyaf leaders who took part in the firefight were Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan, Muamar Askali, Almuktar Sudduung, Namiel Ahajari, Basaron Arok and an unidentified follower of Yasser Igassan.
Arok Wolvengrey of the First Nations University of Canada in Regina, Sask., made Cree Words, widely regarded as the most extensive written Cree-English dictionary to date, available to Miyo for online publication.
Examples include the bandit usurper to the throne of the thirteenth-century Javanese kingdom Singosari, Ken Arok (Angrok); the androgenous clown-god Semar; the ogre-king Cakil, and so on.