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AROMAlterable Rom
AROMAssociative Read Only Memory
AROMActive Range Of Motion
AROMArtificial Rupture of Membranes (medical)
AROMAlterable Read Only Memory
AROMAsymmetric Ring-Opening Metathesis (chemistry)
AROMAcute Rupture of Membranes (obstetrics)
AROMAfter Receipt of Material
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Martinez, chief AROM said they were "overwhelmed by the number of determined examinees who came to take the AFPSAT.
We calculated mean values and standard deviations for AROM. In regard to morphometric parameters, we calculated pretreatment and posttreatment measurements as a percentage of the unaffected limb in the cases in which unaffected arm measures were explicitly reported.
At 24 months postoperatively, the AROM about the right shoulder had a forward elevation of 110[degrees] and external rotation to 45[degrees], and AROM of the left shoulder had a forward elevation of 110[degrees] and external rotation to 70[degrees].
Active (AROM) and passive (PROM) range of motion for wrist extension were measured goniometrically, as standardized by Norkin and White [46].
Both groups showed no significant changes in the AROM in flexion and abduction on the first day (p > 0.05).
Immunoexpression of aromatase cytochrome P450: The expression of cytochrome P450 aromatase (P450 arom) was evaluated by immunohistochemistry procedures, as previously described (21).
FT-IR (ATR): 3386-3100 ([v.sub.NH], ammonium salt), 3050, 2920 and 2851 ([v.sub.CH arom + aliph), 1699 ([v.sub.C=O] amide), 1674-1494 ((5nh ammonium salt and amide, [v.sub.CH] arom) [cm.sup.-1].
For the PS-nTi[O.sub.2] (Figure 3(c)), the FT-IR spectrum shows the characteristic peaks of PS at 3024 (C-H arom), 2917 and 2850 (-C[H.sub.2]-C[H.sub.2]), 1596 (C=C arom), 1492 and 1448 (-C6H5), and 908 and 698 (-CH= arm) [cm.sup.-1], while the peaks at 1068 and 543 [cm.sup.-1] were due to the vibration of Ti-O-Si and Ti-OTi bonds, respectively [19, 21, 23, 24, 26, 27], indicating the existence of PS on the nTi[O.sub.2] particle surface.
Arom Treeraj (1), Tavorn Kamutsri (2), Chaipat Lawsirirat (1), and Chaninchai Intiraporn (1)
Colwyn Price, Henry Arom Price and Henry Wayne Price each admitted handling stolen goods by helping to dispose of scrap metal worth more than PS5,000.
Ko Kaeoprasoet, who led a group of Isan songwriters that included Loet Sichok, Sombat Bunsiri, Wichian Sitthisong, Samson Na Mueangsi, Samran Arom, Cho Kachai and Surin Phaksiri (Waeng 2002, pp.