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AROMAlterable Rom
AROMAssociative Read Only Memory
AROMActive Range Of Motion
AROMArtificial Rupture of Membranes (medical)
AROMAlterable Read Only Memory
AROMAsymmetric Ring-Opening Metathesis (chemistry)
AROMAcute Rupture of Membranes (obstetrics)
AROMAfter Receipt of Material
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In May 2012 she joined the original group of residents that began participating in this modified AROM program.
DF-PF AROM and PROM, dorsiflexor strength, and Modified Ashworth scores), motor control, and measures of overground gait function have been previously reported [25].
A pre-intervention goniometric measurement of ankle dorsiflexion AROM was then taken.
The risks of commonly used interventions such as continuous fetal monitoring and AROM (artificial rupture of membranes) are also tucked in along with practical alternatives to try first.
46) position, the flexes nondominant IN shoulder to >20% 180[degrees] AROM elbow flex/ While suporting SP Jung M-C ext while holding the upper arm of 10(13) et al.
For AROM, both the strength training and the low-intensity stretch groups revealed significant improvements in ROM (range increase: 20-300) compared with the moderate-intensity or high-intensity stretch group (p < 0.
8,9,34 An m-sulfamate derivative of YM-511, called STX681 (Figure-2) was shown to inhibit tumours of both MCF-7STS (expressing STS cDNA) and MCF-7AROM (expressing AROM cDNA), completely deterring the activity of STS and AROM.
Tabella VII--Dati di accuratezza diagnostica dei test Test Riferimento Sensibilita Specificita bibliografico Sit to stand Shrenk R 97% 2006 (9) Hallpike-Dix Shrenk R 50-88% 2006 (9) Smooth Treleaven J 72% 91% Pursuit neck 2005 (42) torsion Osservazione Fedorak CA postura 2003 (44) Palpazione Shrenk R Regione 2006 (9) cervicale AROM Hole DE cervicale 1995 (45) PROM Smedmark V cervicale 2000 (47) Valutazione Shrenk R muscolare 2006 (9) cervicale Test Riferimento Affidabilita bibliografico Interesaminatore Sit to stand Shrenk R 2006 (9) Hallpike-Dix Shrenk R 2006 (9) Smooth Treleaven J Pursuit neck 2005 (42) torsion Osservazione Fedorak CA K=0.
Target locations were predetermined for each individual and standardized at [+ or -] 80 and [+ or -] 40 percent of their AROM in the DF and PF ranges, respectively.
AROM is, generally speaking, another bad habit that often comes with birth in a hospital setting.
Thoracic AROM was assessed qualitatively, having the patient rotate with arms crossed over the chest in a seated position; applying overpressure into the direction of rotation and determining the effect on the patient's symptoms.