AROPAboriginal Representative Organizations Program (Canada)
AROPAerosol Optical Thickness
AROPArmy Reserve Operational Projects
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Kabhi ye nahi aata ki Congress pe hamla, Congress pe arop ( Death is blessed that it doesn't get defamed.
Arop estimated there were about 100,000 original Abyei residents excluding the Missiriya.
They included George Francis Nazario, Emanuel Yohanis Yor, Christopher Leonard Jada, Mohamed Ismail Faraj, Jago Arop Yor, Nyawaragak Joshua Dei Weang, Zahra Mohamed Hassan, Kamal John and Isaac Weal Majak.
Wuor Arop held a baby on the plane to protect her, the only other survivor of the crash, the Associated Press ( reported Saturday.
Police Al-Adil Ajib, have held a five-hour meeting with the Chairperson of Abyei Administration, Deng Arop, and his Deputy, Rahma Abdal-Rahman Al-Nur, the Minister of the People's Liberation Army Affairs (SPLA) of the government of south Sudan (GoSS) Niyal Deng, the GoSS Minister of Regional Cooperation, Deng Alor, and Deputy Director of GoSS Security Organ, Kuwal Deng
"Those who left are not less than 3,000, but there is a sign that some of them are coming back," Arop Moyak, Abyei's chief administrator, said on Sunday.
The first incident which would contribute to the subsequent transfer of the Ngok Dinka Chiefdoms from Bahr al Ghazal in South Sudan to Kordofan in North Sudan reportedly, came to the notice of the Khartoum authorities when the Ngok Dinka Chief, Arop Biong, sent two runners to the British Commissioner at Fashoda aka Tauffikia on the White Nile.
("AROP"), a subsidiary of ARLP, and AROPs wholly owned subsidiary, Alliance Resource Finance Corporation ("Finance Corp" and together with AROP, the "Issuers"), subject to market conditions, intend to offer $500 million in aggregate principal amount of senior unsecured notes due 2025 in a private placement to eligible purchasers.
June 6, 2017 (WAU) -- South Sudan minister for youth and sports, Nadia Arop has urged youth in Wau state to emulate what their counterparts in Greater Upper Nile have done during the conflict.
Tenders are invited for Manning And Operation Of Water Supply Installations And Dg Set At Arop Pump House, Swimming Pool And Disribution Of Water From Oh Resvoiur At Tushar Chakra, Govind Nagar, 180 Mh And 21 Fd Regt Works Under Ge Misamari
Ring is the son of Victoria Adhar Arop Chop, an influential female politician and well-known MP in the capital, Juba.
South Sudan welcomes more investment from China and hopes the two countries could further enhance bilateral cooperation for mutual benefits, said South Sudan s Ambassador to Ethiopia Arop Deng Kuol on Sunday.