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Similar to all measures that map the larger poverty terrain, the AROPE Indicator comes with advantages and disadvantages.
If someone has insurance, they can sometimes keep that coverage or switch to another company, but even that is difficult, according to the Arope employee.
En concreto, con antelacion a la aparicion de AROPE, Caballero Fernandez y Cruz Morato (2010) desarrollaron un indicador sintetico de ES calculado basandose en el metodo estadistico de la distancia a los componentes principales (DCP), a partir de la informacion sobre la bateria de indicadores parciales de exclusion presentados en Eurostat (2010), a la que se ha hecho referencia mas arriba,
When comparing AROPE and monetary poverty rates (Tables 3 and 4), the behaviour of the Spanish economy appears similar to that of the other Southern countries (although the recession had not been as deep).
The FM provider also services a number of insurance companies, such as Adir and Arope, and it manages a number of operations of Total, the French petrochemical firm.
According to the National Institute for Statistics, the poverty rate in the NE development region was 33.5%, while at risk of poverty or social exclusion rate (AROPE) was 48.9% in year 2013.
Arope Insurance came in 38th place among Arab insurance companies with total assets of $239 million, followed by Allianz SNA in 48th place with $183 million worth of total assets.
The researchers found that a phal- arope spinning for prey in an aquarium swam in tight circles at a rate of about one revolution per second.
LIA came after with US$ 66.0 million (+7.1%), followed by Arope with US$ 64.5 million (+7.1%), Group Med came in the ninth position with US$ 56.4 million (+6.3%) and Assurex came in the tenth position with US$ 36.7 million (+10.2%).
In addition to his responsibilities at the bank, Metwally has served as chairperson of the board of directors of Bloom Securities, and he was a board member at Arope Life Insurance Company, at Arope Property Insurance, and at Concord for the promotion of IPOs and asset management.