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ARP1Actin Related Protein 1
ARP1All1-Responsive Gene
ARP1Arbitrary Restriction Polymorphism 1
ARP1Anonymous Restriction Polymorphism 1
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Because VHH, which is composed of heavy-chain dimers and is devoid of a light chain, possesses an extensive antigen-binding repertoire, (117) and because rotavirus-specific VHH (ARP1) has been efficiently produced in yeast and reduces morbidity from rotaviral diarrhea in mice, (118) its application to passive immunotherapy for rotaviral infection offers an attractive alternative strategy for the control of rotavirus infection, in addition to the currently available rotavirus oral vaccines.
ARP1, however, remains positive as |alpha~ approaches 0.5:
Since ARP1 remains positive while MRP1 approaches zero as the rate of gate sharing approaches its upper limit of 0.5, MRP1 must eventually drop below ARP1 at S*.