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ARPANETAdvanced Research Projects Agency Network
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Perhaps the most celebrated demonstration of how gateways could facilitate the interconnection of heterogeneous networks occurred in 1977, when a communication initiated by a truck connected to the PRNET in the San Francisco area was routed through the ARPANET to London, transmitted via SATNET from London to West Virginia, rerouted again through an ARPANET connection in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and delivered to the University of Southern California's Information Sciences Institute in Marina del Rey, California.
Email was adapted for ARPANET by Ray Tomlinson of BBN in 1972.
The initial ARPANET was a network of just four computers located at four different sites: first UCLA and SRI, followed by the University of California, Santa Barbara and the University of Utah.
DARPA started another project along this path called Arpanet that eventually became known as the Internet.
There were 23 hosts communicating on Arpanet at a snail-like 50 kilobits per second.
When the first emails were sent over the ARPAnet - the forefather of the Internet - they were intended for a limited, trusted audience of academics and researchers.
* The Department of Defense creates ARPANET, eventually linking computers across the country and leading ultimately to the creation of the Internet.
While ARPANET, the experimental network that became the foundation of the Internet, was based primarily on wired connections, ALOHAnet was the first packet switched, radio network.
E-mail has grown from a tool used by a few academics on the Arpanet to a ubiquitous communications tool.