ARPANSAAustralian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
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CSIRO was ordered to check the barrels and clean up the facility in 2016 after the inspection from ARPANSA at a cost of almost $30 million.
The ARPANSA fact sheet states that wireless technology is so new that it is impossible to be completely sure that there is not any risk.
For example, ARPANSA's most recent SOE is dated 22 November 2011 and the SOI is dated 29 April 2010: Letter from Catherine King, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing to Carl-Magnus Larsson, ARPANSA Chief Executive Officer, 22 November 2011 <>; Letter from Carl-Magnus Larsson, ARPANSA Chief Executive Officer to Catherine King, Parliamentary Secretary for Health and Ageing, 20 February 2012 <>.
"This inspection is being made to reassure stevedores after concerns from the Maritime Union of Australia that as 30 of the cars are used vehicles they may possibly have originated from the tsunami and nuclear affected areas," an ARPANSA spokesman said.
ARPANSA prepared a fact sheet titled "What about base stations and telecommunication towers--are there any health effects?" ARPANSA concluded that "the weight of national and international scientific opinion is that there is no substantiated evidence that RF emissions associated with living near a mobile phone base station or telecommunications tower poses a health risk" (ARPANSA 2003a).
A damning report of the Woomera facility was issued by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA) after an inspection in April last year.
Imposition of nuclear risk in Sydney has taken another step with the federal nuclear regulator ARPANSA now consulting the public on a Reactor Operating License application from the Federal government.
The five member IAEA team spent two weeks in Australia examining the proposal and have cast doubt on the safety of the planned dump, the effectiveness of the licensing process and the capacity of the federal nuclear regulator, ARPANSA.