ARPCAir Reserve Personnel Center (US DoD)
ARPCArp Client
ARPCAccredited Retirement Plan Consultant (Society of Professional Administrators and Record Keepers)
ARPCAustralian Reinsurance Pool Corporation
ARPCAssociate Reformed Presbyterian Church
ARPCAnalysis.Research.Planning Corporation (Washington, DC)
ARPCAuthorization Response Cryptogram
ARPCAlliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counterterrorism
ARPCAsynchronous Remote Procedure Call
ARPCAssociazione Italiana per la Ricerca Psicologica sul Cancro
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However, Juniper does anticipate that 5G connections will initially carry a premium over ARPC.
For many years, most lawyers have assumed that this kind of disclosure is required by ARPC 3.
ARPC specialists began filling online requests for documents since switching to new software in October 2004, Carter said.
It's also important that customers know ARPC does not maintain medical records," Szpak said.
After ARPC provides the letter of certification, members may begin the application process for their Post-9/11 GI Bill benefits through the VA.
Boehle, acting director, Promotion Board Secretariat, Headquarters Air Reserve Personnel Center, said in the six months prior to every board, ARPC forwards a member's officer pre-selection brief to the servicing military personnel section, which, in turn, provides it to the member for review.
Samuel Mahaney, ARPC commander, during a meeting with members of the Senior Executive Service who visited the center Aug.
However, not everything the RMG accomplished could be incorporated in the move to ARPC, so the Individual Reservist Readiness and Integration Organization was established.