ARPCTAlliance for the Restoration of Peace and Counter-Terrorism (Somalia)
ARPCTAssociation of Rehabilitation Programs in Computer Technology (disabled persons’ career training; Kalamazoo, MI)
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Very little is known about ARPCT, although the founders of the Alliance
Mogadishu, forcing ARPCT militia to flee the capital.
Seeing an opportunity, an alliance of former warlords, militia leaders, and businessmen created the ARPCT in Mogadishu, creating their own government and security elements.
The TFG, already failing to live up to its charter or promises, was seriously challenged by the rise of the ARPCT and with the loss of Mogadishu, exacted little influence outside of its provisional capital, Baidoa.(2) The various Islamic Courts, sensing TFG weakness, and fearing the ARPCT's use as a proxy for the U.S., united under the ICU and initiated an offensive.
In early June 2006, the forces of the Islamic Courts captured Mogadishu, forcing ARPCT militia to flee the capital.
The ICU success in Mogadishu effectively led to the collapse of the ARPCT and forced the warlords to flee.