ARPLAdjust Requested Privilege Level
ARPLAverage Revenue Per Line
ARPLArmy Resource Priorities List
ARPLAnti-Referral Payments Law
ARPLA Retrieval Process Language
ARPLAnnual Review of Population Law
ARPLAtmospheric Research Pty Ltd (Australia)
ARPLAdventure Role Playing League
ARPLArmy Resourcing Priorities List
ARPLAuthorized Replacement Parts List
ARPLAngle-Resolved Photo-Luminescence
ARPLAchievers' Resources Pvt. Ltd (New Delhi, India)
ARPLAgent Relative Polar Localization (artificial intelligence modelling)
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The TD performed similarly to existing VO and VC TDs, without substantially increased weight, size, or inefficiency compared with high-end VO and VC TDs such as the Sierra 2 Load or the ARPL.
CRISIL believes that ARPL will benefit over the medium term from its promoters' experience and established market position in the plywood and army products businesses.
G K Gupta, ARPL manufactures plywood and products, such as footwear, tents, tarpaulin, and body protectors, which it supplies to the army.
ARPL reported a profit after tax (PAT) of Rs.5.2 million on net sales of Rs.240.2 million for 2009-10 (refers to financial year, April 1 to March 31), against a PAT of Rs.3.7 million on net sales of Rs.136.5 million for 2008-09.
The premium to recently acquired the internet-provider Multiregion, for which MTS paid a 2010E EV/EBITDA of 8.8, looks justified, as Akado is the second-largest broadband operator in the densely-populated Moscow, with customers bringing in high ARPL. Akado serves 670,000 broadband and 423,000 pay-TV subscribers, a 5% share of Russia's broadband market and 7% of the pay-TV market, and may combine efforts with Svyazinvest's Center Telegraph, operating under the Qwerty brand in Moscow.
The isolated sporoplasms were subjected to optical probes and Western blots using antibodies to dynactin peptides [p.sup.150glued], [p.sup.50], Arpl and intermediate dynein chains.
These payments were subject to the Anti-Referral Payments Law (ARPL), which prohibits health care providers from giving "kickbacks" to physicians who refer Medicare or Medicaid patients for treatment.
In August and October of 1994, Caremark was indicted in Minnesota and Ohio, respectively, for violating the ARPL. Five stockholder derivative actions were filed against the board of directors the day after the initial indictment.
Archroma Pakistan Limited (ARPL +2.46 per cent) and ICI Pakistan Limited (ICI +2.43 per cent) also posted decent gains.
Mobile ARPU is above MGTS's ARPL: With more than 90% fixedaline household penetration and faced with 191% wireless penetration among the population, Moscow's fixedaline segment has been under severe pressure from mobile cannibalisation for some time.
However, broadband services ARPL decreased 7% YoY to RUB866/month ($26/month).