ARPPAutorité de Régulation Professionnelle de la Publicité (French advertising regulatory body)
ARPPAucilla River Prehistory Project (Florida)
ARPPAnnual Review of Portfolio Performance
ARPPAnalysis of ROI (Return on Investment) for Pharmaceutical Promotion (healthcare industry)
ARPPAcquisition Reform Pilot Program
ARPPActive Reproduction of Passive Positioning
ARPPAlcatel Research Partner Program
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Analise de viabilidade da implantacao da agroindustria rural de pequeno porte (ARPP)
Analise economica da producao e transformacao em ARPP, dos frutos de Euterpe edulis Mart.
Insumos Energia eletrica e telefone Ano 1 Combustivel (transporte ate ARPP) frete 2 Adubacao de reposicao Kg 171 Sementes para plantio (enriquecimento) Kg 3 Subtotal 2.
ARPP project manager John Fry said: "We have achieved this by advising a wide range of businesses on projects we believed would benefit their business.
The tendency to minimize ARPP can be explained by the enduring Italian cultural tradition of tolerance toward alcohol.
It Italy, social policies are much more sensitive to the problems of drug abuse and to the criminality linked to it, leaving little room for interest in ARPP.
For instance, there is no specific ARPP curriculum in the faculties of medicine or psychology(14) or in social-service or nursing schools.
The risk of losing autonomy felt by the CATs working in institutional settings (and by the volunteer and self-help groups in general) explains the difficult relationships they have with the public services and scientific organizations working in the areas of ARPP. In recent years a debate has arisen within the CAT system regarding two contrasting needs: the need to be in the community as an autonomous body, and the need to work with or beside the social-health services and thus run the risk of having the self-help concept manipulated.
These goals are pursued through active cooperation with all of the public and private institutions working in the field of ARPP.
SAT for families with ARPP that have recently joined the program
Second, the creation of area networks helps break the progressive marginalization of families with ARPP through the use of solidarity, and reciprocal help; while supporting community mechanisms of self-protection and health-care promotion.