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ARPSAdvanced Regional Prediction System
ARPSAuction Rate Preferred Stock
ARPSAdjustable Rate Preferred Stock
ARPSAssociate of the Royal Photographic Society
ARPSAverage Revenue Per Subscriber
ARPSAdvanced Radar Processing System
ARPSAlcohol Related Problems Survey
ARPSAdvanced Radioisotope Power Systems
ARPSAssociation of Railway Preservation Societies
ARPSArmy Reserve Pre-Positioned Sets
ARPSASMIS Retrieval and Processing System
ARPSAcoustic Range Prediction System
ARPSAugmented Real-Time Processing System
ARPSAutomated Records Processing System
ARPSAsteroids and Remote Planets Section (British Astronomical Association)
ARPSAtmospheric Research Program Staff (EPA)
ARPSAmherst Receiver Processor System
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The increase compared with the prior year period was primarily due to the $250 million second lien financing entered into by ARP in February 2015 and a higher level of amounts outstanding on the revolving credit facility.
Arps Red-E-Mix was the fourth Nebraska operator Mumford joined over a career that began in 1968 at Johnson Concrete in Hastings, continuing with stops at Gerhold Concrete Co.
Because of limited space and for safety purposes, only one mechanic should be standing on each ARPS.
Arps said in the bail bond business, everyday is different and he is excited to get to work.
The index is comprehensive, as are two handy tables that sort the Arps by physical features and right ascension.
ARPs were the first variation of variable or adjustable dividend rate preferred stock instruments and were introduced in 1981.
Skadden Arps was seeking additional space and wanted to remain near its existing offices for the convenience of its clients and employees," said Kiell.
The Depository Trust Co, the holder of record for the ARPS, determines by random lottery how the partial redemption will be allocated among each participant broker-dealer account that holds ARPS and each participant broker-dealer determines how to allocate each partial redemption among its respective ARPS holders.
According to many real estate sources, Skadden Arps will be moving into the top 650,000 square feet at 4 Times square and will be moving out of nearly 800,000 square feet they leased at the 1.
This lease was a cooperative effort by all parties involved, and The Durst Organization is extremely pleased to welcome Skadden, Arps, one of the premiere law firms in the world, to 4 Times Square," said Durst.