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ARPSAdvanced Regional Prediction System
ARPSAuction Rate Preferred Stock
ARPSAdjustable Rate Preferred Stock
ARPSAssociate of the Royal Photographic Society
ARPSAverage Revenue Per Subscriber
ARPSAdvanced Radar Processing System
ARPSAlcohol Related Problems Survey
ARPSAdvanced Radioisotope Power Systems
ARPSAssociation of Railway Preservation Societies
ARPSArmy Reserve Pre-Positioned Sets
ARPSASMIS Retrieval and Processing System
ARPSAcoustic Range Prediction System
ARPSAugmented Real-Time Processing System
ARPSAutomated Records Processing System
ARPSAsteroids and Remote Planets Section (British Astronomical Association)
ARPSAtmospheric Research Program Staff (EPA)
ARPSAmherst Receiver Processor System
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"We hope that ARPS will facilitate and increase Arab economic and financial transactions, which we estimate to amount up to $830 billion per annum of which $245 billion is attributed to intra-Arab trade in 2018."
PMM has accepted for payment, at a price equal to 89.75% of the liquidation preference of USD 50,000 per share (or USD 44,875.00 per share), plus any unpaid dividends accrued through the expiration date of the issuer tender offers, 473 Series C ARPS. Such ARPS represent approximately 23.89% of PMM's outstanding Series C ARPS as of the expiration of the issuer tender offers.
- Malaysia Mobile Data Market to 2015: Average Revenue Per Subscription (ARPS) by Mobile Data
* Because of limited space and for safety purposes, only one mechanic should be standing on each ARPS.
Arps Red-E-Mix was the fourth Nebraska operator Mumford joined over a career that began in 1968 at Johnson Concrete in Hastings, continuing with stops at Gerhold Concrete Co.
Arps said in the bail bond business, everyday is different and he is excited to get to work.
The index is comprehensive, as are two handy tables that sort the Arps by physical features and right ascension.
The third dimension associated with control and resource issues and ARPs is that of organizational factors.
For over a century, however, as Arps notes in the opening and concluding pages of this long book, Westerners have commented -- at times, it sounds like an accusation - that Javanese don't read that literature.
Although some VRPs (e.g., ARPs) may be callable after five years, this attribute is not necessarily inconsistent with the long-term nature of equity instruments.